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Smashing the third-rail myth – or not?!

I am sure that most of the parts-ring readers have seen or read about mythbusters, the zany American TV series designed to dazzle you with the brilliance of Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and the rest of the crew set out to explore the truths and myths behind urban legend. Oh yes, most of it comes out true in the end but what about pee’ing on the third rail. I doubt very much that commuters in South Africa or the UK for instance would take a chance of pee’ing from carriage to power line but then again stranger things have happened. Here Mythbusters examine the pee’ing on the third rail legend.

One Reply to “Smashing the third-rail myth – or not?!”

  1. It’s gonna happen, a great piss on your shoes, pee to the rail and you make a nice grounding point. Seen a picture of a guy’s pecker frazzled to a crisp from pee’ing on an electric fence. Electric fence used somewhere for border control, no doubt China. Mind you the voltage is much higher – but who cares, must be pretty slammed to do something like this. I wouldn’t pee on 110V let alone 650. Talk about a pissed man pissing himself.

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