• Kmeasure

    K Measure is a Pretoria-based supplier of electronic test and measurement equipment to the electronic, electrical and automotive engineering industries in South Africa. We supply to the whole of South Africa, from Cape Town to Durban, Nelspruit and Gauteng, and no town is too small for us either. We export into Africa as well.

    Our range include: Computer based digital storage Oscilloscopes, Handheld oscilloscopes, Benchtop scopes, Scopemeters, Programmable waveform generators and Function generators, Programmable power supplies, Logic analysers, RF Equipment like Vector network analysers & Spectrum Analysers, Data loggers & Environmental meters, Digital multimeters, LCR meters, Earth Resistance ...

  • Lantis Electronics

    Most important things should be said first: ” I Hendri Ehlers owner of Lantis Electronics am 100% committed to give you,my customer, the best service humanly possible and thats why my phone number is here for you to speak to me.”

    Founded in 1994, LANTIS has built up an impressive client base, including a diverse range of stock lines. At Lantis, we believe that shop business and e-business should not be seen as separate entities, but combined to maximize the effectiveness of our business. Our strength lies in our ability to understand your needs through a personal, professional service and using ...

  • KAB Electro Acoustics

    KAB Electro – Acoustics

    KAB serves the record collector and sound enthusiast with products that Preserve, Enhance and Restore. Founded in 1990, The company is driven by a need for affordable restoration equipment and a desire for better sounding, more exciting hi fi.

    We are experts in all areas of record playback. We understand the technical requirements for playback of records from 78 rpm to audiphile vinyl.

    Our unique preamps, filters, cables and accessories are well known in the industry. Our modified Technics SL-1200 Turntables have a reputation that spans continents. Afterall ...

  • Analog Ian – Analogue Equipment New to Vintage

    Analog Ian – “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.”

    We have a sister website call Analog Ian – please go there and support us.

    The Analog Ian website

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (24 November 1808 – 29 September 1890)

    “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.”


  • Akai M8 Schematic – just a simple tube amp Akai M8 Schematic - head and motor switching.

    The Akai M8 Schematic

    Note that we have also details on this marvellous amplifier and deck on our sister website’s pages:  Analog Ian

    So just what makes this tape recorder so iconic? To be honest, I don’t know. Sentimentality definitely. The fact that it has a tube amplifier in it – just possibly. The fact that it is a single stage class A EL84 is another reason. Audio gurus will rave about the EL34 though and let’s not go into the American tubes with low down grunt. The bottom line is that tube amplifiers are in demand only dampened by ...

  • Akai M8 Restoration M8 Left Channel

    As promised we move on to the inner workings of this single motor transport deck and tube amplifiers.

    Note that we have also details on this marvellous amplifier and deck on our sister website’s pages:  Analog Ian

    Restoring an Akai M8

    This tape recorder came onto market about 1965 sometime (HiFi Engine lists this as 1963). It was preceded by the M7 and then afterwards, the transistorised M9.  Both these models also proved to be very popular. Enthusiasts veer towards the tube amplified version, discarding the deck.  If the deck is still in good condition I would not advise this ...

  • Tape Bias – Why and How Otari MX80 Professional - sophisticated bias control

    Before attempting to repair any tape deck or RTR one needs to understand one of the most critical aspects to magnetic recording – actually two:

    Tape Bias and the Tape Path

    Although a tape recorder is a relatively simple device there are a few criteria which has to be met to reproduce good quality recordings. The decks or reel mechanism needs to pull the tape across the recording or playback path at very high tolerance levels, with near zero speed fluctuation, the heads need to be totally demagnetised and lastly, there needs to be a bias signal applied to the recording head ...

  • The Revival of the Akai M8 Akai M8

    The Akai M8 Crossfield Head Recorder


    Those who were around in the 1960s will remember the furor caused when this machine came to market. I dedicate this article to my late father Chris whom had one.

    The Akai M8 was not the best machine out there, neither was it supposed to be at the price point it was released. It certainly wasn’t cheap but more to the point, those that had the test tape will remember that it’s fame was not around the tape quality at 15 i.p.s. but rather 1 7/8 i.p.s. and the Cross Field Head, licenced ...

  • Tubes and Semiconductors

    Tubes and Semiconductors – the great controversy.

    So you finally decided to take the plunge and build or get yourself a tube (radio valve: UK) and discovered to your amazement all the joy that you had been missing over the last 1000 years.  You may be kidding yourself of course.

    Radio valves have their place. As a designer and kit builder of many RF and audio amplifiers over the years thermionic emission devices were never as mysterious as semiconductors. Their inner workings were almost tangible. They were easily modified and to get brute strength of 50W or more took a different anode ...

  • DIYElectronics

    Our Story

    DIYElectronics, a specialist electronics business armed with three generations of unrivaled knowledge and expertise in the electronics industry, was born in 2013. We were born with the aim of providing quality hardware, electronics and support at the best possible prices to the public. Our vision is to drive innovation and change in our communities by making hardware and electronics easily accessible to hobbyists, semi-professionals and industry professionals alike.

    We hope you share our vision and look forward to assisting you every step of the way!

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