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Live shows, domestic and industrial power – it’s all about Ampacity Report: 2013:- South Africa has approximately 60 000–80 000 unnatural deaths per year, with an average of approximately 70 000 per year. There are currently 36 registered forensic pathologists in South Africa. An electrocution death is considered an unnatural death and is, therefore, referred for autopsy […]

Induction Motor

Electric Motors, Trends over the last 50 Years For those born after 2000 and electric motor is seen as just another product of technology, just like the cell phone.  Electric motors have been with us for the last 200 years, personal handheld phone (Motorola and Martin Cooper) about 50. There is a link of course, that being […]

This steam evaporator aboard HMS Belfast distilled up to six tons of fresh water per hour for the boiler and for drinking

Innovation in South Africa steps up a notch! Much must be said about our not so dearly departed prez, J.G. Zuma. He may have reversed the good in this country under his tenureship but he also turned the citizens into a bunch of aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and budding scientists.  In times of hardship innovation always comes out […]

CNC Lathe

The CNC Machine – a positive influence on our lives An interesting topic gathering momentum is that of the CNC machine or Computer Numerical Code machines, machines driven by computers and becoming increasing popular within the DIY Maker community. Here we will look at the basic CNC machine and suppliers in South Africa. The CNC Machine Forums […]

Rebuilds and Tune-ups for Pre-amplifiers There seems to be a stigma about buying lesser known brands.  The fact that someone designed a device at home doesn’t mean it’s inferior.  I had a Rotel amplifier which vaguely looked like a WooFlungKak and inside it actually looked the same. In fact it was the same except for the power […]

In search of the ultimate car audio system Some scientific types believe that the walls of Jericho fell because of resonance. In a few years from now we are going to be seeing a lot of hearing loss amongst generation-Y and Millenials.  Generation Baby Boomer may well be exempt except for the musician variety. Many musicians today […]

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Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 4:45pm
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Saturday: 9:00am to 12:00pm(closed on long weekends and public holidays)

Line of Business: Electronic Components Distributor

Established: December 1991

Company Registration Number: 199103430123

Vat Registration Number: 4730134907
About Us
Established in 1991, Rabtron is a leading South African Electronic Components retailer.

We offer an extensive range of Electronic components, Electronic Tools, and test and measurement equipment.

Our diverse product range ensures that most clients enjoy a one stop convenience for obtaining electronic components to suit various applications.

visit our retail shop, or buy online through our secure online shopping portal.

  Online Parts International Promotions Catalogue DIY Class A 6J5 HIFI Headphone Amplifier Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Kit DIY Class A 6J5 HIFI Headphone Amplifier Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Kit Specification: Size: 77mm * 75mm (L*W) Weight: 79g Frequency: 16 HZ – 28.5KHZ Headphone impedance: 16-600Ω SNR: > 108db Channel separation: <-100db Distortion: <0.003% (distortion noise but not all, […]

  Online Parts International A very big trend for some time now is for the home DIYer to build his own switched mode power supply.  These power supplies when run from the mains electrical supply if not designed by a professional company which specialises in mains switching circuits can be downright deadly. Why not try a few […]

Online Parts International Promotions Catalogue This is an affiliates page which hopefully will pay for the maintenance of this website one way or another.  Having personally tested the Dc-DC 10-32V to 12-35V mobile switcher it works very well – note though that the power supply does not have isolated (-) and (+) poles.  The input (-) and […]

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