3D Printing Store


3D Printing Store.co.za forms part of the 3D Printing Factory (Pty) Ltd Group. We aim to be the biggest one stop shop for 3D printing hardware and consumables in South Africa. Our core values are customer satisfaction, to be known as a supplier with integrity, to develop and grow our people and to do what we do with passion.

3D Printing Store.co.za started in 2013 from a feeling of frustration not to be able to buy the 3D Printer components we need for our projects in South Africa. After doing market research we saw that there are a lot of people besides us having the exact same feeling. Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world” and he is a lot smarter than we are, so we followed his advice and started 3D Printing Store.co.za.

We are very passionate about 3D printing and the whole Reprap open source development. We like to try new things, to develop new processes and then to give it back to the community. That is why we are always trying to push the boundaries and broaden the horizon.

Thank you for using our website. We hope that we can help you to find what you are looking for!

If you feel that we do not live up to our values, please contact us. We would like to know where you feel we can improve so that we can put a 🙂 on your face!

Micro Robotics – Stellenbsoch

Micro Robotics is a leading supplier of electronic and robotic components for the maker and prototyping market in South Africa. We offer hard to find components from all the major brands. We are an official distributor for Adafruit, Sparkfun, Pololu, DF Robot, Teensy, Beaglebone and various other brands. Our head office is in Technopark Centurion and we have just expanded to the Western Cape and opened in Technopark Stellenbosch. For us the study of Robotics is a lifelong journey. Climb aboard … and have some fun along the way!.

Micro Robotics

Micro Robotics is a leading supplier of electronic and robotic components for the maker and prototyping market in South Africa. We offer hard to find components from all the major brands. We are an official distributor for Adafruit, Sparkfun, Pololu, DF Robot, Teensy, Beaglebone and various other brands. Our head office is in Technopark Centurion and we have just expanded to the Western Cape and opened in Technopark Stellenbosch. For us the study of Robotics is a lifelong journey. Climb aboard … and have some fun along the way!.

Core Electronics


Hi, I’m Graham, the founder of Core Electronics. I’m an Air Force Avionics Technician by trade (2004-2016) and electronics has always been my hobby on-the-side. Core Electronics sprang to life in 2007; sourcing innovative DIY electronics for friends from offshore brands. Since then we’ve been powered by DIY electronics and maker movement. We incorporated as a private company in 2013 and we’re absolutely proud to offer you the online experience you see today!

The slightly longer version of our background; I’ve been passionately involved with the maker movement since 2004; back when I used to build practical solutions for everyday problems, usually powered by PIC microcontrollers. I enjoyed sharing my projects with others, along with the method of making and any tips I collected along the way. I launched Digital DIY in 2006 to share my tutorials / projects which evolved into a community of electronics enthusiasts helping each other over technical hurdles and a platform to share their own projects. Neat! Digital DIY projects were often featured by Hackaday, Make Magazine and syndication circles that were popular at that time. To place my interests in the era of Maker Electronics; Adafruit was founded 2005, Sparkfun a little before that, Hackaday was 2004, Make Magazine was 2005.

Core Electronics was a derivative of Digital DIY and the need for hard to find bits and pieces. In our early days we had two or three orders a week and operated out of our garage during afterhours. In 2012 we outgrew the 6x6M garage and leased a 160sqm warehouse in Newcastle. On January 4th 2016, I left my Avionics position in the Royal Australian Air Force to join the Core Electronics team. In November 2016 we moved into a well needed 700sqm building in Newcastle.

Throughout this time we’ve partnered with industry leading brands from around the world to make innovative electronics more accessible in Australia. The whole team at Core Electronics is passionate about community education; we create our own tutorials, educational videos, projects and have community workshops at our offices to up-skill makers and educators.

That’s us in a nutshell, we’re here to help with your projects and educational electronics needs. We’re powered by makers, for makers.

Audio Mart

At Audio Mart we‘re as passionate about music and performance as our customers and we know that the best equipment is essential for great performances. We have been a driving force in the Professional Sound and Lighting industry in South Africa and continue to drive our industry in Southern Africa.

We are your one stop shop for Musical Instruments, DJ, Studio, Pro Lighting and PA Equipment. Get it all at the Hottest Deals you will find on the net!

Where words fail, music speaks but not if no one can hear it. At Audio Mart, we supply all you might need to enhance your audience‘s experience whether they are fans of your band, patrons in your restaurant, parishioners at your place of worship or partygoers dancing to your mixes.

Our staff are sound engineers, musicians and DJs who know what it feels like to be standing on a stage and, more importantly, have been trained to get the best out of the equipment we supply. They are available to provide support for any one of our products via our call centre during office hours. Outside of office hours, you‘ll find them on a stage somewhere using the equipment they work with all week to enhance their own performances and enable them to give you tried-and-tested advice for getting the best out of your equipment. Our approach is to be honest and factual in dealing with your queries, with the aim of building long-term service driven relationships with our customers just as you aim to do with your audiences.

In our years of online operation we have grown to be one of Southern Africa‘s leading online suppliers for Professional Audio, Lighting, AV and Hi-Fi equipment and we ship all over South Africa as well as to several neighbouring countries including Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nambia. For orders over a R1000, shipping is free to South Africa.

The product range we distribute includes a variety of high quality, carefully selected products to offer you the latest and greatest in sound technology.

We also have an in-house technical department. Goods requiring repairs can be returned to us via courier, we‘ll get them back in ship shape and courier them back.

No matter what your sound and lighting requirements are, we can help you to find the right equipment for your purposes and we stock Church Sound and Lighting equipment, Restaurant Sound systems, Mobile Disco systems, DJ gear and LED effects lighting equipment, Staging Sound and Lighting equipment, Hotel and Corporate sound systems, Theatre and School sound and lighting equipment and much, much more.

We keep our finger on the pulse of developments in the world of sound and lighting by attending conferences and trade shows, ensuring that we can offer our customers the most advanced technologies and best range of products.


K Measure is a Pretoria-based supplier of electronic test and measurement equipment to the electronic, electrical and automotive engineering industries in South Africa. We supply to the whole of South Africa, from Cape Town to Durban, Nelspruit and Gauteng, and no town is too small for us either. We export into Africa as well.

Our range include: Computer based digital storage Oscilloscopes, Handheld oscilloscopes, Benchtop scopes, Scopemeters, Programmable waveform generators and Function generators, Programmable power supplies, Logic analysers, RF Equipment like Vector network analysers & Spectrum Analysers, Data loggers & Environmental meters, Digital multimeters, LCR meters, Earth Resistance Testers and Current Clamps, Bus converters and adapters, Protocol analysers and Electronic development tools like Experimentation test boards, as well as Electronic accessories like Oscilloscope probes and Logic Analyzer test hooks.

Lantis Electronics

Most important things should be said first: ” I Hendri Ehlers owner of Lantis Electronics am 100% committed to give you,my customer, the best service humanly possible and thats why my phone number is here for you to speak to me.”

Founded in 1994, LANTIS has built up an impressive client base, including a diverse range of stock lines. At Lantis, we believe that shop business and e-business should not be seen as separate entities, but combined to maximize the effectiveness of our business. Our strength lies in our ability to understand your needs through a personal, professional service and using our expertise in the area of electronic engineering solutions, sound and electronic development. We also have a down-to-earth brand of creativity that helps us win out over competitors ten times our size, and ensures repeat business from our clients. Our team of sales people,have the skills and experience to ensure you get the right product at the right price.

KAB Electro Acoustics

KAB Electro – Acoustics

KAB serves the record collector and sound enthusiast with products that Preserve, Enhance and Restore. Founded in 1990, The company is driven by a need for affordable restoration equipment and a desire for better sounding, more exciting hi fi.

We are experts in all areas of record playback. We understand the technical requirements for playback of records from 78 rpm to audiphile vinyl.

Our unique preamps, filters, cables and accessories are well known in the industry. Our modified Technics SL-1200 Turntables have a reputation that spans continents. Afterall KAB, with the help of some very enthusiastic customers, literally started the modded ‘1200 industry back in 1994, and grew that market unchallenged through 2009. Here we are in 2017 and it has blossomed into something we could never have imagined with participants in all corners of the globe. It is nice to know that there is still demand for a laboratory grade turntable in a market that otherwise seems almost romantically attached to turntables that behave more like musical instruments than precision devices.

Our success is the result of reaching out through an extensive marketing program. Our customer service is outstanding. We offer knowledgeable, straight forward advice. Our prices are competitive.

There are lots of ways to check out our stature and reliability to serve you. One way is to do a search at www.google.com, using just our URL www.kabusa.com. This will give you a list of independant links where individuals have chosen to list our company as a reference. You can also click the Bizrate logo here.BizRate Customer Certified (GOLD) Site

Yet another way is to use the newsgroup section at google to see what people are saying about KAB.

As always, feel free to call or email if you need specific information.


The following Trademarks and Brand Names have been used in Interstate Commerce and are actively protected by KAB.

GREAT SOUND CATALOG. KAB uses the name Great Sound Catalog on each catalog it issues.

Great Sound Escorts, Transcriber, PreConLP, Re-Imager, Stereo Canceler, KABUSA Record Grip

Souvenir VSP, ISX, GTX, EQS, TCA; KAB EV-1, EV-PRO, SLBD-78, Broadcast Standard, SpeedStrobe, 78RPM DiscSweep, Jack-Its, Sonic Domes, Gliding Platter, KS500-27; Polar Stable, Zero Dropout Regulator, PS-1200, DC-1200, SX-1200, HS-1200, PC-1200, RSX-1, MSX-1, SpiralAir Interconnects, SuperFlex Tonearm Wire, SpiralVoice Speaker Cable, Poly-Metal Turntable Platter Mat.

The KAB Logo is distinctly the capital letters KAB with an arrow through them. The KAB Logo has been used in inter-state commerce and appears on all printed company material. Since 2000, the Logo has been updated to better reflect our target markets. The Logo is the Letters KAB with a Disc shaped halo over the K, and a stylized “Stylus Triangle” riding the edge of the disc.

The Slogans: “It’s Your Music!” and “Preserving The Sounds Of A Lifetime” Are trademarks and or service marks owned by KAB Electro Acoustics.