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Subscriber Services

Friday, 21 May 2010 17:01 | Written by Webmaster | Print | E-mail

Good day to all our loyal readers. Parts-ring subscriber services has been revamped slightly – we have taken away the black background and original Top-Gear theme and replaced it with a downbeat version of the original.  Readers become subscribers (for free), subscribers post spares, parts and services. Readers can search for a specific service provider in their area and request their services.  We have left out details regarding hours of service – email the provider or agent for these details.  It’s assumed, hopefully correctly, that persons looking for a particular service would be in the same time zone as the provider Wink.

We ned to emphasise to all subscribers that your details become publicly available – I for one hate phone a cell number requesting a service when there is the possibility in the near future that we can’t get back up service at a later date.  Do let us know when a service is excellent and/or horrific.  However, this site is not for finger-pointers and cranks. We need legitimite mails, aimed at making either the provider aware of an issue or when you have been seriously happy with the performance of an individual or company let us know – we will post their company details as an advertorial for free on these pages. Reputable business will have access to these pages as moderators and editors. We want your business to be a success as much as you. Initially we had a scrap pad for subscribers but in order for us to promote our bulletin board we would prefer you to go this route.

Tired of the old garbage? Let us know so we can make the necessary changes.
Need more functions? Let us know so we can add these in too. Cool
What is important is that users, readers and subscribers use our site as a look up tool. We are going to allow for the posting of schematics as well. Remember that we supply a free service and need you to also click on Goodle banner ads to generate revenue for us. 

I hope you find our site useful and pass on the information to friends and family.

And hey! go there now…

Yours sincerely
The Website Team

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