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Welcome to Parts Ring and the OPiC (Online Parts Catalog) System. This area of the website is for registered members only. Here you can advertise your business, add tips and tricks, look for parts, sell parts and link up to people that are either like-minded or are dealers in parts or accessories. This web-site is more or less free-running and therefore many of the entries are not moderated. Please read the terms and conditions before registering or submitting any entries. There is another easy to read and understand link to the workings on this site availble here – the Business Directory.

Parts-Ring is based on the actual network of used car parts which is associated to scrapyards and car salvagers – however it encompasses all natures of business on an international scale. Please use diligently so we can grow this website into a formidable database of information and parts. Parts-Ring from hereon uses the OPIC System – Online Parts International Cataloguing System.

First of all: Users need to register.  To speed up the process ensure that your suburb is listed.  Do a search here. We are very finicky about how you enter your details. If you have a problem do mail us. Registered users are dealers, company owners, those that provide a service and of course end users. On the linked page you will find information on how to add a country, province or region, city and suburb.

Secondly: See whether your business type is listed. Go here for this information.  Business types are made up of Categories, Sub-Categories and of course the core business or business type.  e.g. Category:  Engine, Sub-Category: Spares and Business Type: Reseller. The core business is therefore the Reselling of Engine Spares. As a registered user you can add as many Business Types as you wish. Remember, the more focused you are in your details the easier it is for the user looking for a service provider or agent or dealer to find the information he wants.  To go to the index of these files see below:

Categories – see categories, add sub categories and business categories (types)

There is also a page or pages which covers the Setup process to make it simple and quick – go to SETUP – GLOBAL ADDRESSES or go to SETUP – GLOBAL CATEGORIES

The OPiC System allows users to add datasheets, as mentioned – your business but also to list your inventory or whatever you are selling or looking for. This is under the Tradestuff heading, found here.

If you have found a worthwhile link to a business activity or just want to add a link because you know the boss you can do so here. Please try to stay on topic and keep off the sex links. 👿

Manufacturers also have a link. If you don’t find what you are looking for please feel free to add the relevant details. The listing is here.

Furthermore there are links to advertisements, placing of advertisements, a forum unique to OPiC, Personal Messaging and the current financial market.

(Editor’s Note: Running a website such as this can only be successful if users don’t spam or promote smut. We need to keep it clean and on a professional basis. As most of the site is not moderated on entry the data becomes immediately live. We hope that you find the navigation simple and the data capture easy to use. Feel free to drop us a line if you find any links not working or the data corrupt. Thank you for your time to read this 🙂 )



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