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The OPiC System - Online Parts InternationalThe OPiC System – Online Parts International

Trying to avoid the repetitive nature of any website is not an easy task – the idea behind this parts-ring website is to maintain a portal for all and sundry to advertise the purchasing, selling or exchange of spares used in any industry, from model cars to agriculture. An issue which often arises is the need to keep advertisers under one blanket – not to go ape or have millions of links all over the place to confuse readers but to have a properly laid out portal, easy to read and navigate. Yes, it is blog style and no it isn’t just a blog.

We originally used Joomla to host the pages but with very little free time at our disposal we went the WP route – easy to set up and maintain. Over the next few days we will be adding in all the top portals for spares and accessories but we must stress now already that we’d like this website to be more of a portal to the supply of parts for older and vintage spec’ced machines. Just a very typical example would be as to where one would purchase a known good radio tube (aka thermionic valve). There are suppliers world-wide but where could one actually purchase a part which not only has the original spec but is the same quality as the original Philips or Mullard device. Where  one could get a schematic for an automobile/car without infringing copyright.

Recently I dumped a whole box load of old Furuno repair manuals – they took up space and I just had no avenue to clear them. Do I regret this now. There is a lot of money in used spares but more so, the reward in assisting others to complete projects is more fulfilling. One of my favourite channels on TV is Pawn Stars – not just the program itself but the results after restoration of many of the antiques brought in for sale, in my case electronic devices long gone. There are many spin off programs but the fact remains that many people are sitting on a goldmine without knowing it, from furniture to paintings, from wireless to navigational aids. The USA is very big on guns, each and every country has it’s own selection of collectables which warrant either restoration or selling on.  The list is endless but one thing is important – every person on planet earth has knowledge on a particular topic which may not be in the interest of others until the time arrives.

We invite you to join this portal. It won’t cost you a cent to join. Our team is knowlegeable on thermionic tubes, marine navigational systems of the 70s and 80s, SSB transceivers, audio and old style NTSC/PAL television receivers.

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