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Blasting into the Future with ElectroBike.

Sunday seems to be a good day to write about bikes, most of us sit at home and mope when it rains but when the sun is up on a beautiful Sunday’s morning it’s time to bring the ‘scuta’ out and blow out some cobwebs. What happens if your bike doesn’t have a muffler? As things are heading, bye-bye to the beautiful sound of big V-Twins, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder Japanese and Italian superbikes and hello to the sound of, well – really a whine – no muffler, no smoke and no flame. Who loves a whine? Not me! Not you! So do away with it now, motorcycles are designed for internal combustion engines. The noisier the better. Remember the old Kwacker 1300cc or Honda CB1000cc six cylinder bikes? They were just crazy, way out performed by modern machines but still beautiful beasts. Now our techno-savvy motorcycle gurus are building electric bikes to take us into the future. I can wait!

I’m trying to figure out why we are investing so much money in bringing out prototypes for resale – are we really that advanced that this cannot wait? Why pay more for a technology which is not mature and won’t be for years to come. Would Valentino Rossi race a Manode or Ducathode above a Ducati at the MotoGP.  4 laps and you’re out. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but when research takes place, it should remain a secret – now we bring out research, get venture capital by selling off our stock to make better. We hang on in awe but this movie has no ending. So we are nothing better than guinea pigs. If the bike can’t do 300Km on a tankful of electrons it may be better to wait and see.  Right now, only a hybrid will do – at least you’ll have the auxiallary power to get you home. Don’t fall over though, those batteries are heavier than a tank of gas even when empty.Thanks to YouTube we have two videos listed, the Citroen Survolt Vs the Abgi Z2 – a good video with a bizarre sound track because I don’t hear hellfire and brimstone neither do I detect the smell of burning rubber. Clinical, too clean? It’s awful, but a reminder of things to come. How many times have you been jolted awake by a passing motorcyclist because of the exhaust note. Do we have to go back to the old teen trick of pegging cardboard to the forks of your bike? Maybe.

Video Two is a clip of the Lightning on it’s way to break the electric motorcycle speed record. Warning:  This is not a jet engine – it’s the awesomeless sound of an electric motor.

Of course we will cheat here and throw in the sound of a Honda Blackbird breaking the international high speed wheelie record.  I liked this video, good quality and great sound. Did I say great sound. Yes, the sound of an engine as it ought to sound, rivalry between Swedish Patrick Fürstenhoff and British Gary Rothwell, current or ex-current highspeed wheelie champion at 178m.p.h.  Now to break this record on an electric bike.  A tribute to two guys with a death wish perhaps but moreso a tribute to one of the finest bikes on planet earth, a real gas and air chomping machine. Like it is supposed to be.

Warning: Do not try this at home or with your girlfriend on the back.

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