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The Sun was designed by a Dermatologist – the Tablet by an Optometrist

Now that the World Cup is on us again, satellite and cable TV sales must be quadrupling which hopefully will see an increase in internet bandwidth worldwide – if you aren’t watching this on your tablet in real time. Frankly I am skeptical about all this small screen nonsense. Years back we were told that those poor youngsters in Singapore had all become myopic because they stared into computer screens the entire day without a little bit of eyeball exercise. Truth this is. In fact things have now become a problem world-wide. We eat in front of the PC, we sleep in front of the PC and we exercise in front of the PC (gaming). Optometrists and general practitioners are making a mint – the only ones that can afford to go to a real gym.

An Eye on Technology - it's all in the mind
Pure Technology – Great Sounding Tablet

The Galaxy Pad S is going to sell big time. Believed to be in a class of it’s own, I have no doubt this is going to be an all time best seller. The problem is, not that long ago we were told that you had to have a big screen to see everything bigger and better. Now I believe you can buy the 8″ (for the cheapskates) and the 10″, for the ultimate in viewing pleasure. What’s the difference between a 10″ and a 50″ in any event besides just screen size? Font size.

Is this the ultimate oxymoron: Playing your tablet through a tube amplifier?


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