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Who makes the best professional series audio equipment?

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Topic: Who makes the best professional series audio equipment?
Posted by admin at December 27, 2013 at 4:22 pm

2 Replies to “Who makes the best professional series audio equipment?”

  1. I decided to post this topic because I think Behringer is taking quite a bit of unnecessary slamming from the audio world in the forums. With no disrespect to anyone that is indeed an engineer that can and do make comparisons on a constructive criticism level – which I have not seen to date, we need to bear in mind that many of those slurring Behringer do not seem to have an inkling about either marketing, neither the effort it takes to put new competitive products into a market already saturated with products that have absolutely NO backup service at all. Faulting each and every product that comes out is totally ridiculous.

  2. Behringer has for a bad rap because they are cheap. See Sound Forums dot net for a Q&A with the CEO Uli Behringer. I have used Behringer but have never purchased any of their equipment because my stuff is still going strong after ten years. As you will find elsewhere in the forums Behringer are very strong on the marketing front but this does not make them a poor excuse for a pro audio manufacturer. Quite the opposite. In fact it’s because of their bang for the buck attitude they are possibly the best selling pro audio brand out there which has made all the other manufacturers rethink their own strategies. There’s just too many brands out there to put ones finger on the pulse – stick to the brand that works for you.

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