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As a small continuation to our previous article, Automatic Transmissions – Customer complaints we have added in some of the top Volvo forums to assist owners find solutions to their out of warranty motor vehicles.


 volvoforums  -forums
 volvoforum  vcoa  Club of America
 brickboard Brickboard – the owner’s resource edmonds Edmonds
 mvs Matthews  swedespeed Swedespeed
thpvc T5D5  v40 V40
 volvospeed Volvospeed  xc XC Series
usa America – United States
australia Australia
germany Germany
latvia Latvia
netherlands Netherlands
norway Norway
romania Romania
sweden Sweden
south africa South Africa
uk UK

Volvo – Spares, links and more.

There are virtually hundreds and hundred of links to various clubs and forums on the internet. These are the ones which seem to be the most popular.  Please assist us in updating this file with your favourite if it is not listed.

And now for the spares detail:  What it’s like to have any vehicle without access to spares? Yes, some vehicles can be very costly to repair but in many cases the vehicle manufacturer does not make the parts, they get outsourced or rather bought in through the OEM channel and rebadged. No one manufacturer makes everything themselves, sometimes even the chassis comes  from a manufacturer with a proven track record on a certain product. The same applies to the electrics, engines and gearboxes. This applies to Volvo as well.

Please add to the business registry here:  Parts-Ring Business registration (note that you need to register as a Register as a Parts-Ring user first).

Editor’s note:  Many internet users are just plain tired of coming to websites which offer all the bells and whistles without substance. We don’t want to be one of those – please try to get your favourite company register business here along with details regarding their pricing on spares etc.  We understand that competition is rife but always add a disclaimer that pricing is subject to importation costs, labour charge etc. All many car owners want is a ball park figure – e.g. price on a waterpump, cam belt etc.  Many of the USA ecommerce websites offer this and it puts them ahead of the competition. But what about your local dealerships and spares suppliers.  If you would like to advertise on this website for three months without any cost to you or your company please contact us at contact us at


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