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Viva Spain!

As of now this is old news. The Spanish took the crown, deservedly so. I wanted the Dutch to win but the Spanish proved to us all why they are the most highly rated team in the world. The game against Switzerland obviously was a red herring. Where was Columbo when we needed him?  The only thing that I predict right now is the next world cup will be in Brazil and I don’t know whether I have backed a winner here either. Brazil, like South Africa already has the ‘nasty media’ fanning the fire about whether they are ready for it. Come on man, this the world’s greatest football nation. It’s like aying the Dutch can’t build a ship. Man and beast will prepare them for this world cup and they may even win it if the Germans stay at home.

Good grief, did you guys see what Fabia of English football fame earns?  I hear complaints all the time about King Carlos of Bafana but are we really that stupid to pay a guy this amount of money. It sure looks like it.  But come on, Fabia wasn’t on the field to play the game for them. Pressure on the field is a killer. The Germans were simply awesome and the English just did not have the punch when it counted.  They will pick up the pieces and when the media get off Rooney’s back he will be again be a man to watch. Remember that we had three great teams ousted in the early days – Italy, France and Brazil. We win some and we lose some. I just hope that from a South African perspective they start marketing their own team.  It is now common knowledge that the first game of the Trinations rugby between South Africa and New Zealand will be played as Soccercity. Currently the Springboks are licking their wounds by conceding two bonus points to the Kiwis and losing their only two matches so far quite considerably and miserably. Well, mores the pity that most South Africans don’t see us winning on the New Zealand home grounds so let’s see whats in store in the next few months.  I for one would love to see more black faces at our rugby games AND more white faces at our football games.

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