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Vintage amplifier schematics

Tube amplifier and add ons – Schematics

Electron tubes or radio valves, whichever and whatever way you say it is becoming increasingly popular in the world of sound. Although costing more than their solid state brothers, by keeping to tried and trusted rules, purchasing with your head and not your heart you may be able to put something together which may not break the bank.

Vintage Amplifier Schematics
Sir Ambrose Fleming & Lee deForrest: A bitter Battle

There are many suppliers of surplus military tubes (read: near extinct) on the market. Some companies still have the original tooling and bringing out newly manufactured tubes based on the specifications of popular tubes like the EL84, EL34, ECC82 and ECC83. Perfectly sonic audio matching transformers are being hand-wound.


For a taste of that tube or valve sound we have listed ten of the most comprehensive websites which list schematics of either well-known amplifiers or tried and trusted designs.

For those whom enjoy reading, here is a real gem, based on the beliefs of the father of the thermionic tube Sir Ambrose Fleming. It should be noted that the father of the triode, a three electrode device (if we see the heater/cathode as one electrode) was Lee deForest.

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