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Parts-ring’s core is focussed on professional and DIYers looking to buy, sell or wanting to find parts to complete or start up a project.

There are six main processes: registering a business, advertising, looking for, forum and a technical library called Data Library. Of course the sixth and most important process is that is a blog. To use OPiC (Online Parts International Catalogue) requires the user to register and log-in.

Blogging for Parts-Ring is a continuation of the parts-ring CMS but allows users to log in and blog.  Although these pages are moderated we expected users to abide by our site terms and conditions and the privacy statement. If this URL does not work please go to the main pages menu of Parts-Ring and look under site information.

Interested?  Then use the subscriber network – it is free.

Parts-Ring Services

Providing a portal to all companies providing manufacture, distribution, reselling, repairs and general service providing e.g. plumbing, building, tiling, air-conditioning.

Users can search for data through keywords to get the company details, if listed, or obtain technical papers, schematics, inventory listing, pricing through the OPiC Technical library.

Please do NOT submit copyright restricted material – OPiC will not be held responsible for the posting of any material which has been copyrighted, the system is very much self moderated.

Subscribers or Registered Users

Subscribers can even post a requirement where providers are requested to follow up.

In time the end-user can deal directly with the provider through a profile match or through the promotion of his/her services.  Yellow Pages are great but all too often the advertiser has either closed down or does not live up to the company promises. Parts-Ring hopes to make it easier for the user to only obtain the very best service available.

Note the site rules, especially that of a provider’s details being made public once they have upgraded to provider or agent status.

Service Agents

Only manufacturers can submit details of their agents. There is a specific form for this purpose – the end result will be that an end-user can easily drill down to their nearest location to find an agent for their faulty product for either repair or replacement.  Agents are also categorised – note that an agent will have address details posted which may include a contact.  Agents and Service Providers must have one primary contact setup in the database – read our privacy document covering this. Unfortunately Parts-Ring does not allow an anonomous contact for ethical reasons. Cell phones are only appropriate if the the address is submitted as well.

Note the site rules, especially that of an agent’s details being made public once he or her has upgraded to provider or agent status.

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