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Understanding the Subscriber Network

The part-ring network is a valuable source of information if utilised correctly.  It is recommended that all manufacturers, distributors, resellers, service providers and agents register on this network to advertise their business.  If a business is registered any person looking for a specific service can look it up on the database and contact the company through the details provided.  If we do receive bad press about a particular service it will be published – BUT only if justified. These pages will not be used as a smear campaign against any business. Many complaints lodged against companies are not justified bacause there was a lack of homework or research done before requesting such services. A case in point would always be to get a written quote before requesting a service. The most common justified complaints are in the technical fields where the user is not told of hidden costs. These must be declared before commencing a job.

The general public should also be careful of contacting any company which uses only a mobile phone without getting relevant physical addresses of the companies providing a service. All companies are required by law to state their physical address.

Please feel free to submit any details of companies that have provided an excellent service.

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