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Company/Business Tube Depot
Business Type eCommerce
Category/Genre Electronics – Thermionic Tubes – Valves
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Core Business EComm – reseller of tubes / radio valves and kits
Address 1 1686 Barcrest Drive
Address 2
Suburb Raleigh
Town/City Memphis
Region Tennessee
Country United States of America
Zip/Postal Code TN 38134
Telephone 901-507-2726

About TubeDepot

From humble beginnings in 1997, has grown to become the premier source for tubes, quality components, DIY parts and kits for vacuum tube enthusiasts world wide. We are here for you, our customer. started life as three metal shelves in a bedroom, loaded with a few vintage tubes and great aspirations. Advertising via early internet bulletin boards, TubeDepot’s first order was $35 for a pair of US made 12AX7s. Although considered a modest start, the opportunity looked promising and the direction clear.

The following years were filled with driving around the country looking for NOS tube honey holes. Those early three shelves quickly expanded and filled. As internet orders continued to grow, so did our stock of some of the worlds greatest vintage tubes. Customers quickly took notice as we worked to meet their needs.

By 2002, demand and inventory quickly expanded and operations were moved to a nearby business park, ending the days of filling orders in pajamas (those were great days). In this new warehouse came the addition of the first full time employee, a 9 – 5 business day, and same day shipping.

Moving to even larger facilities in 2005, the shipping and receiving department saw exponential growth. In addition to vacuum tubes, we began carrying a few tube accessories and parts for both audiophile and musical instrument interests. Customer response was overwhelmingly positive.

By 2008, we entered the world of manufacturing with “The Button”, an all tube guitar distortion pedal assembled in house. We began expanding into tube audio DIY with high fidelity tube amp kits, speaker drivers, books, clothing items, and more components. We posted our first video on YouTube and began our Facebook presence.

In 2009, we introduced our first guitar tube amp kit (Tweed Champ). We started carrying amp chassis, speaker cabinets, and an expanded selection of transformers.

Between 2010 and 2013, we introduced three new guitar tube amp kits. We expanded our wire department with high quality interconnect and hook-up wire. We became distributors for EAT and KR handmade power tubes. We also completed this fine new website to enhance the shopping experience and help thousands of customers with their tube projects.
Looking back, it is wonderful how a small bedroom labor of love has grown to provide the best vacuum tube related parts, tubes, and support for you, the best customers in the world. We are honored to be your partner in your vacuum tube adventures.

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