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To Use or Not to Use

The concept of parts-ring is not a new one. There are virtually thousands of advertisers on the web giving information to potential clients that to even think of coming in competitively is as inane as trying to ride a bicycle up the Himalayas. But we kid you not, there is one pitfall – Who to go to? I am in the computer hardware sector but my main interest is and will always be in electronics.  I started out in the mid ’70s where believe it or not electronics was moving finally from electronic valves (tubes) to semiconductors because of the ever decreasing costs in the latter. Yes, semiconductors were already widely used in the ’60’s but they were fairly primitive when it came to high powered devices, they were prone to thermal runaway (Germanium) and were out of the average Joe Soap’s pocket range when it came to high power audio. My first big project was in 1973 when I sold a car my dad gave me and I purchased parts to build a 100W amplifier.  That would have been about 100U$D then. The amplifier did not work – in fact it made a loud sizzling sound and a couple of electrolytics blew off the board (not PCB). I learnt one very important lesson here – always check your wiring no matter how simple it may look.  But back to the drawing board…

Over the years electronics has evolved from a multi billion dollar industry to a multi, multi billion dollar industry.  I have found that hobby shops are diminishing with only a few big names remaining. Kids interests are been focussed on computers and quick fixes. This website is dedicated to the thousands of engineers and scientists that mapped their own destiny – through hard work and perseverence. Not quick money schemes and fixes.  On the other side though we do have some incredible talent out there. School goers that have incredible talent, do work hard and do have the necessary talent to make inroads into the next phase of electronic development.

Most of these kids come from privileged backgrounds – no, not financial – parents that are interesting people. Bright, enthusiastic and allow their kids to become creative. If you don’t believe me do research on famous people – in most cases many of them could have stayed at home and watched the Flintstones on TV from morning to night but they preferred not to. Here we have the Dells, the Gates, the Jobs, the Bransons. (Make the time to read Richard Branson’s books to determine what great roles his parents had in guiding the young Richard, especially his mother).  I look up to these people because they are paving the way that children think and do in this century. None of them turned their backyard business into a Billion dollar industry overnight but they had two things that most of us have but lack to implement: Perseverance and Vision. Wernher von Braun was indeed just such a person and we remain forever indebted to him,  with all his faults.

Any youngster interested in electronics should have someone at the helm willing to guide and educate.  If parents do not have the inclination they should find someone that will because believe it or not there always is. The first place to look should be an obvious choice: retired amateur Hams.  They did not become amateur hams because they were forced to. No. They had a decided interest in the subject and paved their own path. Unfortunately I no longer think that this field is as popular as it once was because of all the quick fixes now available but there are other avenues. Almost every family has at least one person that can direct their kin in the right direction.  Recently speaking to some of my younger colleagues about radio of yesteryear they actually felt sorry for me because I did not grow up in the Internet era.  I do not and never will believe that someone interested in computers could not have had an interest in electronics and at least at some point in their lives have had a fascination with radio.  Or radar. Or rockets. Or boats. Or cars. Or motorcycles.

Which brings us finally to the main topic: What is Parts-Ring and how can Parts-Ring help me?

The Internet, in many ways thanks to Google has made our lives so much simpler. Quick and Fast.

How many of you have looked for a specific part on the Internet to come to a dead end. Guaranteed the part is there, somewhere. not necessarily highlighted on a specific page but through a contact number in the outback of Australia. Imagine having a central place which harbours all these contact numbers. Parts-Ring can do this. Look under Subscribers on the main menu.

Have you ever looked for a plumber, electrician, service agent or someone to hang your kitchen door? A company, sole operator that is reputed and won’t steal your money. How many times have you been had?  Out of the thirty or so service providers I see on a yearly basis at most 10 of them are reputed and will not hesitate to assist, albeit it at a price but won’t rip you off. And the other 60 to 70%. They are listed in the Yellow Pages and as I write this page are busy orchestrating their next con.  A general rule of thumb is always to do a background check. Parts-Ring will be your self-moderated background check. The database under ‘Subscribers’ will inevitably have Fly by Nights and Get Rich Quick Schemes listed. But through a self moderated process these will be taken off. We offer you this service free. We ask you to click on the advertising banners. We ask you to visit our sponsors. Parts-Ring in time will give you a list of service companies etc that will respond to your request – they can be found under the very city and suburb that you reside in. Known scam artists may even be highlighted.

We ask you to use this service. Look under ‘Subscribers’.

Looking to advertise your business? Add your company details. This becomes public domain so please refrain from using a residential address.

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