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After having spent three months coming to grips with PHP I finally went the whole hog and bought dbQwiksite which really takes the fun out of programming but oh, so much faster. Really recommend this package to anyone in the industry.  BTW -what is Alpha Five doing in this article? Well, it’s possibly one of the best desktop publishing applications out there. As far as web databases go, I have no doubt they have pioneered the way from 3GL to 4GL as possibly the best there is. Unfortunately using their proprietary aw5 extension was not my solution at this stage – but they still remain one of the best if not the best desktop database software engineering company this decade.  Alpha Five is based in Boston and yes, I will buy your new version at the end of the year againMoney mouth.

Not being a professional programmer has it’s boundaries – which is always around time. Thousands of thanks go out to the Joomla community – all the extensions I have used in this website were free. This would be the Community Builder project, great work team – Jevents, Thomas at AdsManager and a host of others.

And finally thanks to Hetzner, our hosting service. Extremely professional – possibly the best in South Africa (and maybe Germany). And I haven’t heard anything from them – not a peep. Maybe it’s because I pay them on time every monthSmile.

And finally to Jane whom has had to put up with quite a few days worth of frustration and the loss of our beautiful parrot ‘Greenie’ – the RingNeck.  Parts-Ring and Ring-Neck, ummmm – is this a bad omen or a good sign? We still have Urki, no reflection on the inhabitants of Urk (of the Greater Motherland of the Netherlands fame). Urki doesn’t speak but sure can make a noise. Entire vocabulary is ‘Urk’, ‘Urk’ Urk’.  And lots of screeching (and more screeching). The neighbours just love himCry. Oh yes, Urki is a conure. Really beautiful looking specimen.

I want this website to be a success – I want businesses to use us as their first line in a mature and ethical approach to advertising themselves albeit only of a textual nature. at this stage. (wait to see how the self-moderation goes first).  And lastly this website would not be possible for the millions of people out their that surf the web and drink Amstel Lager. For my first choice of nature’s best you guys should be getting some tips from the SAB Miller website.  Your website needs to be completed! :-)))))  [(the extra )))) is for a chronic medical condition called beer drinkers chin].

Parts-Ring is for users, members and subscribers – use it don’t abuse it. A lot of self moderation and a lot of community building.

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