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The Sound Comparison Test

 {jcomments on} I ran an article recently which gave my version of what I hear and believe.  I built (actually slapped two 100W R.M.S/8 Ohm MOSFET modules together and it blew a colleagues Bose speakers to pieces. He was running a Phase Linear 200W (about 1971 vintage) into these speakers but when he heard the MOS amplifier he could not believe the sound quality. The phase linear amplifer ran a +/- 70V rail, had previously blown and some wise owl had used 2N3055 (8 per channel) as the replacement output devices. I doubt this ever worked but give the devil his due – I didn’t hear it before it blew or even while it was ‘testing’. Foot in mouth 

So give us your feelings and possibly, if so inclined – advice!

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