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The Parts-Ring Phenomena

Parts-Ring aims to make the search for providers of services in your area easier – just look up the service requirement type, country, region and town and get the company or person you are looking for. Parts-Ring is ideal for the business owner to advertise his expertise whether it be in electronics, electrical work or even watch repairs.  Likewise users can look up manufacturer, distributor and dealers in their area – subscribers are urged to post their business onto the ‘Services’ board.

Parts-Ring is oriented around technology, old and new and members or subscribers can either hook-up through the forum, community builder or ‘Services’.  Users are more than welcome to contact us through the info email address and let us know whether a service provider failed to live up to his/her promises or hopefully promote a business through their good service policies. Parts-Ring is not aimed at smearing the name of any business – but we do welcome good and ethical business practices.

Three things come to mind when writing this article (1) lack of local support (Cape Town) for used motorcycle parts (2) electronics which is to be such a great hobby, seems to be taking a back seat to ‘instant fixes’, ‘module-changing’ and lack of companies promoting electronics as a hobby to school-goers.  Thirdly, in our so-called time of recession, surely we should be advertising our secondary skills. Indeed, most employees working for a boss only utilise their secondary skills – their primary skills should be used to network and make money. Strange that so many people that have become jobless over the years have managed to bounce back and generate an income through these skills. People that suddenly realise they have hidden talents and besides enjoy doing what they do best, generate an income, equal to or even in most cases more than what they earned before. 

Please promote yourself under the services section. Be legitimate and do not advertise skills that you do not have – make Parts-Ring work for you.

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