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It’s no hidden secret that used parts dealers can and will charge a mint if the part is in demand. But Parts-Ring feels that somehow the public have been ripped off in the vast majority of cases. Our Services network (just click on services in the main menu) allows a user to become a subscriber, post his business and offer his services. All for free. You can use the classified section to post a need for a part or if you are selling, well then post that as well. Users can search the entire Joomla based CMS system (thanks J Community) for parts or go onto the services section and do a drill down.

Over the next month we will be posting names of companies in Cape Town that are known to provide an excellent service – this is not only dedicated to people buying and selling parts. We want you, the reader to be able to quickly look up a company, the service with a good star rating and be able to use these or their services without fear of shelling out money for rubbish. Yes! This has happened to all of us, me as well Money mouth. Do yourself a favour and go onto the yellow pages and try to find a company that you can contact without going through a cell-phone number – the worst of course. This in no way boxes all cellphone only companies but believe me when I say I am part of a billiuon dollar company that really is getting tired of been ripped off by would be agents, service providers and whomever because we carry a Pty Ltd on the door.

Initially we were hell bent on prviding only a service, similar to Craig’s List – but focusing on parts and service providers. Hell no, this would not have worked. We use the Joomla CMS system, added the various but brilliant modules, components and plug-ins. What we did though was to provide the service module – we will be monitoring this very closely once users sign up but most of all as said before – we need a dedicated service to help all those around us looking for a part. Google, Yahoo, Bing (I’m very impressed with Bing)  take a while to latch on what our insane webmaster is on about but we sincerely hope that Parts-Ring will become your choice in the future. And hey, it’s free.

Please add your comments, advice theories and join the community board.

Thanks for reading this….

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