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The Joomla Vs WordPress Vs Drupal debate.

wordpress - joomla - drupalI’m not going to plagiarise here, neither duplicate content which I found to be important in our own personal quest to determine the king of CMS currently.  We used to use Joomla but on a personal level found that the updating of plug-ins and Joomla core was a bit clumsy – which included a major crash whilst updating a plug-in. Not so with WordPress, at least not yet. Drupal however made me feel more like a developer only because it felt more sophisticated.  But then again some of the simplest things to operate are very complicated engineering wise. Is this the reason why so many developers are switching to WordPress?

Mike Schinkel’s website and his personal blog on “17 Reasons WordPress is a Better CMS than Drupal” is a great read, it’s also refreshing to see that the comments made are objective and obviously written by informed developers.

Just to close off this short article I think one needs to be an experienced developer (what makes an experienced developer?) on these three CMS platforms to be in a position to be objective here. This is what made this article so interesting. Making something so simple to use can only come from developers with great insight and a very high level of expertise.  Cell phone manufacturers often come across as being a bit arrogant in their ability to show off their technical expertise but miss the point by a mile. But that’s a whole new debate.

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