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Germany take on the Spanish…..


Spain        Versus     Germany

Tonight in Durban we see the ultimate fighting machine, Germany take on the current FIFA number two, Spain. I hear the radio – fans of Spain are diehards. They are hoping that the Spanish will finally get their act together and beat this young German side and in so doing take the cup. Will this happen? Can it happen? Spain has just not shown their mettle over their last few games, losing to Switzerland must have been the highlight. But yet they beat Portugal. Would that be enough? I don’t think so. If I had to don my soccer shorts and be playing world class football the one team I would be trying to avoid would be Germany.   The Germans just seem to be getting better and better.  If there is a clear margin tonight the Germans are going to take this cup – I doubt if the Dutch will have the presence on the field to beat these Wunderkids. A colleague of mine mentions that she did the fan walk on Saturday and was very disappointed with the Germans in Cape Town. Not with their performance but their absolute lack of having fun. The Argentinian side however was not missing any of this – joking and laughing whilst disembarking from the team bus they seemed not to be perturned about their opponents. Not so perhaps in going home after the game but nonetheless they seemed the far happier team.  Methinks this will surely change by Sunday night 11/07 22:00z when the triumphant team walk off the field.  Th Germans are going to be formidable opponents tonight and they are going to be formidable on the 11th. I’d like to see the Dutch take this, they have made South Africans proud and the beer vendors happy. 

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