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The FIFA power requirement

Actually, there have been problems up in Gauteng – the media have been complaining bitterly about the lack of reliable power, colleagues in South Africa, especially the Johannesburg region complain about the same thing – specifically the Johannesburg industrial areas e.g. the Midrand. Power there is absorbed like a sock in water, the mines are obviously the biggest users but how is this affecting other regions? Well in Cape Town there have not been blackouts since 2008. Their tried and trusted nuclear power station at Koeberg has recently been refueled and there are no more sinister media leaks. Koeberg supplies the coastal regions up to Durban so if you are staying around these areas you should not have any problems. Believe it or not most of the visitors will be up in the Gauteng region so this may not be a good omen. Again, it’s reputed that most private establishments have backup power – the stadiums have as well.  

Local communications giant Telkom have their own backup power so there should not be a problem in all likelihood with lost commuincation. The unions have threated various forms of disruption and the one most worrying is that of the employees of Escom, the national power supplier. We have it in good faith that that too would be sorted out before the big kickoff on the 11th. Let’s wait and see. Having lived in South Africa for 3 years I found a lot of the issues stemming from the international media are all hype. In a lot of ways South Africa is not a developing nation, they have infrastructures that surpass many first world countries. The national power grid has been under duress – the lack of planning from the ANC government sucks but that will hopefully be water under the bridge in a few years time. They certainly are making up for it in profit and price hikes – but then again they are been taught by Telkom, another parastatal. In a geographical sense South Africa is safe, only one fault line running through part of Cape Town. The South African Police Force may be inefficient but they are geared up for this event – like any where else in the world (I have experience in this field), stay away from areas not designated for visitors or tourists. Hey, Italy and Spain also have their fair share of bag grabbers and theft. I do have it in good authority that tourists will be looked after like kings (and queens). Go there and have a look.

Don’t worry about having a good time – it will come naturally. South Africans are a thirsty bunch, akin to their Australian and New Zealand neighbours and very friendly.

As for the power crises up in Johannesburg – I think you’ll be 100%. 

Famous visiting spots?  The Cape is known for harbouring tourists whom buy up the land. Get a good look at Cape Point, Grabouw,  Hermanus, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay the West Coast and the Cape in general.

The power problem won’t affect your appetite for more.

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