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The Battle of the Downs FIFA style

The Battle of the Downs again! If it wasn’t for Amstel I would have shot a hole in my head years ago. How stupid can a man be. I was listening to the worlds best forseer of economy “Greg”, no surname given – he was on KFM (the Western Cape’s premier radio station) – he gave his prediction – from the beginning to the near end and he still holds the cup up high for the Spanish. Is the man a fool? Ummm, I decided last night I was backing the wrong horse. What the humourists did say was that Germany met a team that was willing to play their own game. So the German attack was weak. So Schweisen-Tiger wasn’t up to form. So the Germans lost. What?  The Gemans lost, it cannot be. I have been in denial now for two days and cannot believe that this actually happened. But yes it did. I personally thought it was a horrific game. The top guns were shooting against Clint Eastwood and Clint never loses. The Spaniards played a game that I thought was slow. The Germans passed the ball and so did the Spanish. The Spanish passed the ball and so did the Germans. And suddely out of nowhere WHAM! Thank you Sam, the ball was in.  Spanish 1, Germans 0. So what happens next?

Gosh I hate predicting these games, makes me feel like Nostradamus. He was mostly wrong as well. I don’t recall him telling us about the Spanish Inquisition. Or the hoisting of the spades as the Dutch came down the Thames. Well, Nostradamus I’m not right most of the time and the bookies are telling us there is no f****g chance that the Dutch are going to win. I’d like to say the Dutch are going to win because the entire Western Cape is ‘alweer Hollands’ and the old Transvaal, now made up of 3 600 000 provinces is anti Brit and don’t know where Spain is, I’d say the Dutch will win. Yet the Germans also had a huge following and they played a game with the same desparado as a 3 oz mouse playing against a python on coke (sorry Marrydonny, no offence). I want the Dutch to win. I want the Spaniards to win. Did I tell you I was in Barcelona for 48 days? I went to all the beaches. I met the most beautiful woman. They did not speak Football. Neither did I.  I wanted to make love! They wanted to take my money!  I would have made love if I had the money.  I love the Spanish girls. I love the Dutch girls. I love football yet I prefer rugby.  On Sunday I think we are going to watch a game that is not warranted. On Sunday night I wanted to see the Dutch take on the Germans. On Sunday night I wanted to see the Spanish take on Brazil.  On Sunday night I am going to get pissed and do the Fan Walk – from Cape Town to Johannesburg. I’ll take my radio with.

I wanted the Germans in, I wanted the Dutch in, I wanted South Africa in, I wanted Japan in and I wanted the Argies in. I nearly lost all my bets and now have no money.

Are there any Dutch that will take me home with them?

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