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The ARRL – The American Radio Relay League’s first 100 Years

The ARRL turns 100

“To promote and advance the art, science and enjoyment of Amateur Radio.”


As an add on to our last article by Darren Wolff on Wireless Technology we thought it may be pertinent to add in some interesting titbits about the ARRL.

I am sure that many of our readers are in fact amateur hams and a million kudos to you. Although I was a ‘Sparky’ many years back I never did the amateur ham exam and thoughts are on possibly doing just this in the next year. Although I have been told that one forgets morse code over the years I really doubt this very much – it more or less gets hardwired into your brain, just like any language. We may get rusty, but never forget. Practice makes perfect.

To get to the very beginning:¬† In 1914 the American Radio Relay League was founded by Hiram Percy Maxim. This is an interesting date because the ARRL celebrates it’s centenary this coming May.

Amateur Radio and the Rise of SSB is an excellent read by McElroy. Don’t forget to read about the ARRL on Wiki as well.

For many youngsters the ARRL was and still is a stepping stone into the telecomm industry and even more so, electronics in general. SSB and satellite communication play a vital role in our every day lives, something which we are either immune to realising or have forgotten about. The ARRL have saved lives countless times in a crises and will continue doing so.

Over the last 20 years the amateur ham has had more exposure to the full potential of their home based computer systems using only a sound card, a receiver (or transceiver once qualified) and I/O devices.

To get more information locally do a search under Google to find your local offices and when to register for the exams.

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2 Replies to “The ARRL – The American Radio Relay League’s first 100 Years”

  1. Nice to see something written about ARRL. Please go to the Waverley Amateur Radio Society

    Extract from the Society’s Archive & History

    1920 Members and equipment The society was founded in 1919 following the Great War and has been continually licensed since then. This page lists the archive material available.

    The Waverley Society has quite a bit of documentation relating to the pre-WWII period. Part of it was obtained in 1985 when the Department of Communications, made available to us copies of all correspondence between it and the club going back to 1920. Another useful source was the address by the then president, Lionel Walters, to those attending the 21st Annual Re-union Dinner in 1940 (note that some of his facts disagree with the official files). Click on the entries below for some fascinating details of our early history (Use your BACK button to return here).

    Some who later became club members were among the 27 licensed radio experimenters in Australia in 1911. They include with Licence number (callsign)
    Frank Leverrier (XEN)
    Malcolm Perry (XCP)
    Ray Allsop (XCA), who later founded the Raycophone radio company

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