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Although I have long been fascinated by tube amplifiers (I’m using this word although I’m a valve sort of guyWink), gutsy transistor amplifiers rule the roost. And there I was browsing through the web and came across a website I must have erroneously missed last time. AmpsLab. Now what intrigued me is that like TubeDepot they seem to get everything right on their pages. a) they have Australian feedback b) they have USA feedback, it’s quick and easy to browse and all you have to do is say ‘I like you’ and pay. If you need more information go to the beautiful lady in the thong and she’ll give you all the gen. Sorry, that must have been a typo – guys – this site is for real.  I hate all the crap associated to marketing, what is best, why it’s best and buy this from us because the pie chart says so. I have always been a fan of American text books – they look at you as if you are an idiot and start from the bottom up. The British text books try to prove that the author isn’t an idiot. I’m not knocking British text books – these guys know their stuff but what about the guy that’s picking up a book that is not in his 10th year at Cambridge! Living in South Africa we knock the Aussies, but guys, the Aussies are so far ahead of us in so many areas stop the crap and get down to the basics. 1) what is the Aussie GDP compared to South Africa, ummm, makes one think doesn’t it. It’s all about competition – the first one there is the winner.  AmpsLab is a winner.  They are short, to the point and if you don’t like it move on. Yes, their prices are realistic – I’m sick and tired of being told by a guy that has only one brain cell in orbit that a 200mW device is high powered according to his records. If you don’t have a brain you don’t have records. If you sell me a half cocked regulated power supply that cannot allow for a battery to be charged then you are selling me shit. If it says that it can put out 13.8V at 10A then any current higher than that should blow a fuse – not the transformer (this is the truth – I purchased one where they stipulated it could not be used as a battery charger. Put a current limiter in then).  Hang on, the power supply cost 3U$ and we sell it for 90U$ – this is most probably fact as well. I hate a market oriented around people not savvy enough to know when you are buying a real show-stopper as opposed to stopping the show. Forever.

AmpsLab are selling amplifiers that can put out the power, and not only that – have a look at the specs of the transistors and the guys that are pushing the power. They add more transistors. They add more safety features. They add a bit of brain power (thanks Australia). I’m not knocking the South African market – I’m knocking the clowns that work in a shop that don’t know their arse from their elbow and now suddenly they are electronic engineers -worse still, electronic engineers and sales people. Reminds me of a saying here: “the other day I couldn’t spell manager and now I is one”.

I live in a country where there are some very intelligent people that get pushed to the back while the monkey sales person runs a side show. I also work in a company where the sales people (well, the majority of them) are passionate about their job and know what they are talking about. If we talk electronics get someone in that knows what he is talking about. I see guys whipping out a pipe (sign of intelligence I believe) – yes, these days, because it looked cool 30 000 years ago – when you ask them a question.  I want info, I want it now and do you have it? I don’t want to be told that this magnetron won’t work because it’s not a Sharp Magnetron (this happened BTW) – I buy from FastElectronicsInc. and their stuff works. In Sharp microwaves as well. Gosh it’s 90 degrees out, I’m sorry about that – maybe I’ll buy one that can handle the 90 degrees out, the PRF and output ower. Does the guy actually know what a magnetron is? Does the guy know that the diode in a microwave rectifies? Does the guy know that if the capacitor shorts you are going to have problems? No, I don’t think so. He is so full of himself that he can’t get through the door. In South Africa it’s normally because he’s stolen so much he needs a wider door.

AmpsLab doesn’t stike me as if they are out there to make money. TubeDepot as well. They are aimed at the enthusiast that knows what he wants. I didn’t see bullshit on their pages and neither should you….

Go for it..


Parts-Ring is in no way affiliated to this company or any vendors that may supply them. I just like the way they operate. Ask them, test them and possibly buy from them. We also don’t correspond with them. Please look at our disclaimer, page 52, paragraph 358, “we support all things bright and beautiful”.

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