Cheap Energy – Is this a Myth?

Inspired by a thread in the Science Forum on the comparisons between solar, wind and nuclear I notice there is no clear winner when it comes to implemenation. While they all have their own positives they also all have their own negatives. While we sit and ponder about our current problem¬† one thing becomes abundantly clear – we’re not happy with the alternatives.

Texas Pumpjack - wiki commons
Texas Pumpjack – wiki commons

Is a miracle fuel or cheap source of energy really that difficult to find?¬† I was intrigued by the list of articles found through Google on John Kanzius’s surprise discovery on setting hydrogen alight in a salt water solution while near a fairly high powered transmitter operating in the 15MHz band. Not so with the negative response through the “scientific” community.¬† Continue reading “Cheap Energy – Is this a Myth?”