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Super Roadblocks by the Thinktank

The South African Revenue Services have teamed up with the South African Police Services to run a series of super roadblocks.  Why? Now passengers can searched and investigated.  So there you were thinking that finally we have peace and tranquility in the land of plenty after the FIFA competition when in actual fact our top-notch crime squads are going to be used to police the tax payer. I love it when a plan comes together. No longer does the tax-man know where his tax money is going but right now we are putting serious crime on the back burner in our quest to hold up traffic and arrest the guys and girls that are tax evasion experts. I wonder what the real cops must be thinking?  Holy Polony! Listen up! I have a thought….

What if we had to have a doctor on duty as well – besides checking the drunks they can perform quick tests for HIV and Alzheimers. How about a couple of psychologists that can run some IQ tests and maybe even some members of a press gang. Remember the days when people were herded up and sent to sea. This is all coming together. There is merit in their madness. Don’t worry about serious crime, let’s hit those passengers where it hurts most – a blood test, IQ test and some random, obscure tests that only Adolf and his gang of merry men managed to carry out in the roaring ’40s.  Actually I am over the moon with this new decision.  Think about the next step – the railway service is so appalling that we can have hit squads on the trains to search and investigate the passengers as well while the train waits between stations.  O f course we can Interpol sitting in on the act as well – I mean our very own Selebi was chief of the police of this elite unit and with his credentials who need worry.  Think about all those flights which will go on empty because the passenger in a taxi (a genuine taxi – Hi-Ace and Quantum policing are no longer a pre-requisite. I mean who drives in these vehicles with real money?

Tax evasion is slowly becoming a thing of the past with modern technology.  As for roadblocks to put drunken drivers behind bars I say go for it. name and shame drunk drivers I say go for it. Road blocks for tax evasion – BS. Let’s get our crime sorted out in Mannenberg for starters. Call in the army by all means – what is left of it and if they aren’t striking. 

Guys get some sense and get top notch geeks in to erradicate the problem of tax evasion. The Scorpions did a magnificent job until the powers that be decided you were not allowed to investigate el’politicos.

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