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We all hate dilemmas but here’s one that has me really in a tizz!  The Waka Waka (or Wukka Wukka) or World in Union? Which one? I recall watching the last game and obviously final of the 1995 rugby cup 1995 between South Africa and the New Zealanders. Of course the New Zealanders had to put up with the food poisoning of the previous night which lead to them losing. Fortunately I was only privvy to these details a week later in the local gossip paper but let’s be honest and say that Joel Stransky was our saviour. And Madiba. And Francois Pienaar and all the other players. But let’s double up on the honesty factor, PJ Powers sang her heart out with the World in Union. She is a huge icon in South Africa. How does Shakira fit into the picture. Well firstly I was very pissed off that I did not record the celebration concert to the opening concert. Secondly when they had a rerun I was not aware of it, just flicking through the channels caught my eye. And Shakira always catches my eye. Shakira dancing catches both eyes. Shakira doing the belly dance caught both eyes plus a whole lot of other things. Before I digress, PJ Powers is also beautiful but doesn’t do the belly dance. Shakira and PJ Powers both have beautiful voices but they are as different as cordite is to gunpowder, but they can both light your fuse.

So which song is your favourite? Yes, so Waka made it world wide.  Think about it, two different songs, 15 years apart. Shakira’s belly and PJ’s power.

Give us your comment.  Songs can be downloaded off YouTube

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  1. Thank you for the lovely story, even if it took quite a long time to finish reading. (English is not my national tongue) May I ask where you got your information from? Thankyou!

  2. Hi Precious. Thanks for the kind words. South Africa is my home country and it has been an absolute awesome last 15 years. We were proud to host the first World Rugby cup in South Africa in 1995. (we were banned before that). Mr Nelson Mandela is often credited with us winning that cup. Mr Nelson Mandela is now credited with us hosting the FIFA World Cup for football. The Waka Waka is a combined effort of Shakira and a Cape Town group called Freshlyground with beautiful Zolani Mahola singing. See the film Invictus to get an idea into how Madiba or Nelson Mandela played this role. Of course Freshlyground music can be downloaded from their website or Youtube. Listen to “I’d Like” to hear Freshlyground and Zolani’s incredible voice. She is currently a judge on the South African Idols competition. There’s going to be plenty more on South African music on these pages in the near future. Thanks for reading! Ian

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  4. Hi there. Although I think Sony is still one of the greatest companies around I’d stick to Aiwa for a shelf system – I don’t know how they are these days but in the 80s and 90s they rocked. Aiwa, incidentally is now part of Sony, unfortunately either no longer branded as Aiwa or only strategically advertised internationally. Depends what you want it for I suppose – if it’s only for listening pleasure maybe see if you can’t get your hands on a used unit.

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