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Some Safety Facts


How often do you check your ground GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter. Those working with 220V appliances know how important this is to your own safety. So much so that I don’t know of anyone actually testing their domestic GFCI on a regular basis. From a safety angle they should be checked at least once per month.

Bench saws and angle grinders. The DIY’er sadly never inspects the condition of the blade of his saw or cutting disk. Do we use safety goggles?  A good pair of safety googles cost a few U$ but yet I see so few people using them.  Is this for the lack of safety knowledge or time taken to put them on.

Lighting is a serious problem in many work places but employers don’t see the dangers of a) inadequate lighting or b) faulty lighting. Flickering fluorescent tubes can trigger an epileptic fit.

Companies pushing staff to wear safe shoes in their working environment often don’t see the merits of chcking the soles of these shoes. A hard toe cap means nothing if the sole has no strength. Even more so, have you seen the effects of a beautiful polished floor when it’s wet?Money mouth

Not so long ago we were bombarded with safety literature which covered the dangers of cell phones and microwave energy. Now we hear nothing. Does that mean that microwaves are now safe. The same people that discarded their microwave ovens for more conventional cookers have cell phones attached to their ears every minute of a working day. Makes one think doesn’t it?

And then we have hot topic number one – the south african taxi driver. Why worry about safety in the workplace when your employees may not get to work in one piece in any event. Yes, the traffic department is charging these lawbreakers but sadly the yellow line is still a taxi stop, a no-u-turn is still a sign showing ‘danger – sharp curve to the right’ (here in any event) and of course, when taxis strike the entire nation comes to a halt. Amazing to think that the private transport system controls the entire nation.


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