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I recently had the pleasure of downloading more than just a free software package from the net in the form of a no frills trojan called Sirefef.K.  I use Microsoft’s Security Essentials which is really great but the problem was that I had switched to Chrome and not Firefox (which is infinitely better at looking after your security) plus the added fact that MSE failed to detect any malicious bugs in the application whilst unpacking – so I was left with the Sirefef.K trojan, a particularly nasty bug. 

Downloading applications to clean the virus was another thing entirely – they are all free downloads, picks up the offending virus and then asks you to pay to clean the virus from the system. I sometimes wonder whom is writing this anti-trojan, anti spy software? The same people writing the virus? After all they have nothing to lose. Maybe that’s me being cycnical but I’m certainly not going to pay 29 Dollars to find out it still doesn’t work. I finally downloaded Malwarebytes Anti Malware, ran it in Trial mode (now this is much better) and it picked up and cleaned Backdoor.Agent. After this (fingers crossed) MSE also stopped popping up every 10 seconds. My money’s on M.A.M. I do think for software developers to get their money they should be running full trialware which is not crippled in some way.


So if you download software from PiratesBay which supposedly is to control spyware and you get the sirefef.K virus for Windows 7 64bit, your MSE pops up every ten seconds, tell you that you have the Sirefef.K, then Sirefef.D etc, etc virus – do try the Malwarebytes Anti Malware software – it does work. Thanks should also go to Microsoft for warning me about it in the first place.

Go to Malwarebytes here.


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