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Many years ago it was my thought to have in place a network of the following artisans to provide a service in the small town (50 000 inhabitants) that I lived.  Home and Garden – builders, interior decoration, painters etc.  Plumbers.  Electricians. Refrigeration and as an added service through the electrical service, electronic repair services. This never materialised because the ‘general’ thought was that it wouldn’t work. When I asked why it wouldn’t work I was shocked by the reply (75%) – “it just won’t work”.  Well that was that. Blow me down if not less than 10 years later I meet a very well heeled gentleman whom actually supplies all these services including surveillance.  Yes, I thought. It wouldn’t work where I lived before because the individuals that I spoke to were so nestled up in their own cacoon that to get them out of bed or out of the pub would have broken the ‘complacency theory’.  Sorry guys, this gentleman that I spoke to said he over-charges because he has the best people for the job. He doesn’t suffer fools and if someone broke the rule of complaceny they get ushered out the door very noisily.

What am I saying here?  It can be done. I was done in like thousands of other innocents out there – not because I didn’t know I was been screwed over but because I saw someone that should have been in prison making a 100 yard dash for my bank account. Yep, I was screwed over. I won’t bawl about it – it happens. The guys that do this are easy come, easy go.  So what to do about it.

Parts-Ring supplies the service. We monitor the businesses that add their company name to our database. You, the user/reader supply us with the accolades or fireworks. If someone does not serve the credentials they shouldn’t serve the public. And that’s what we do. We are not going to bring out the heavy guns – businesses make mistakes and Monday or Friday jobs are notoriously bad. We are talking about the cowboys and get rich quick yokels. We need your input. If a company isn’t listed, sign up and list them. We are not responsible for the complaints that follow – you are. Right now we need business to sign up. Right now I also know of five very decent hardworing individuals that deserve to be listed. I cannot do that – I need you, the user/reader to do that.

Yellow pages don’t give you the credibility of the company that you have just recruited for your home changes. I know of two builders in Cape Town that are credible – one small and one big. The owner of the big concern phones me regularly. If I ever needed to vouch for this guy, whom has never done a job for me – I would not hesitate. Why? Because he knows what he is talkingabout but more so, the people that he has done work for state that he is the best in the business. He studied a plan I had and he gave me such solid advice about the layout, the prepareation, the steel to be used that it blew my socks off. Why?  Passion.  This guy had such passion about his profession AND the qualifications to add. I cannot put his name down here but guaranteed in a few months he will be listed.

We will add contacts and references for big work to be done. I don’t believe in family and friends getting work unless they have the credentials – and so should you. This is not the government.  But hang on. Watch our tenders board come up in the next month.

Good bye and may the winds of good fortune be with you.

Scribe Z

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