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SA Idols – round number one

On the 5th September we had the lift off – the first round of top ten, going on nine. Gail was voted off which makes me very sad because she is a real stunner and has a great voice. Possibly I was looking at her face and body and forgot that Idols is a tight competition, voted for by boppers and middle aged women. Yes, I mean that. But then again my favourite is Elvis and I’m not gay. My second favourite is Sindi.  And the third is Lloyd, Boki, Pieter West, Bongi and Adeline. Gareth Cliff says that the winner could very well be a black artist. Maybe. I really hope so. But Elvis is white and he has a bucket full of votes going his way already. Why? Because I think he will prove to be a great ambassador to this country in the international stakes. Lloyd as well. Both mature people, both great artists. Why not Jess in my opinion? Jess is fantastic but like Veronique “V” Lalouette she is possibly technically great but lacks the appeal that this competition is all about.  I thought she did “Zombie” by the Cranberries exceptionally well. But she lay in the bottom three. Not because of what Randall said about people not knowing the song but because she plays it like Jess.  I’d go to her concerts any day because she plays the music I like. Experienced and lively but alas – too well rehearsed and played.  Jamie-Lee is a honey. Obviously very intelligent but she really has no zing.  I somehow doubt that Jamie-Lee will win this competition but what I do know is that she isn’t going to disappear from our minds.

Now to get to the essence of this posting. Who will win? My votes are on Elvis.  He plays any song and I get goosebumps and want to weep.  (except Funky Music which BTW I thought he played better than the original). Lloyd is also phenomenal.  But “Beautiful Day” belongs to U2 and Kurt Nilsen. But Lloyd has phenomenal appeal. I like Bongi because he looks seriously mischievous but overplays his hand. He hasn’t won Idols yet. Last week I thought Boki was best on test. Phenomenal performance and phenomenal song.

Gail never got the credit she deserved but there’s obviously a plot afoot. Elvis was magificent. Lloyd was great. Adeline, I thought did real justice to “Purple Rain”.  I want Sindi in the top three. Last Sunday Boki was to me the winner. 

My take on the last performance based on the GB Formula (goosebump):  Boki, Lloyd, Adeline.

My take on the average GB (taken since the show started):  Elvis, Sindi, Lloyd.

My take on the Dark Horse GB:  Pieter West.

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