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SA Idols – before round number two

Sundays are great days for doing research and if one had to excuse the ‘connection’ between a parts website to a musical concert I have been fascinated by what feedback previous idols shows have received. Blogs are full of  such negative publicity towards Sasha Lee (South African Idols co-winner season five) that it makes one wonder what the public are actually looking at?  Yes, Jason (co-winner season five) has phenomenal appeal. And so has Sasha. I did some serious listening to her music and this girl should have been in the top two in any event, possibly number one – so what if Jason pipped her at the post through a technical malfunction?  Both were magnificent.  I see concerned viewers said that Jason was consistent. Umm, so Jason was already an accomplished artist then and Sash was just starting out? Then give her full credit because that is what this is all about – getting better and better. I see an image of Pieter West here guys!   

 The big question currently right now is how are how are our season six winners holding up? Well for starters, magnificently.  Elvis has an incredible following and as someone said “he should have been a star a long time back”. Possibly that is the problem. Why must he appear on Idols when this guy already has a successful career. Will this make him more successful? Oh yes it’s going to do just that.  But you know what? The music industry in this country makes me sick.  A lot of feedback on these past winners is all about how successful the previous line-up are today? In all honesty, besides for Heinz I think we have a pretty boring bunch – not because of our talent because of the blasted media. Yes, I’m looking at radio as been media. Why can’t we have a supergroup with the same popularity as Dire Straits in South Africa?  Get their ‘Alchemy’ DVD now – yes, from VHS to laser disk to DVD took nearly thirty years but the documentary on Mark Knopfler was worth waiting for.  They bowed out when the going was great and the pace took it’s toll, amongst other things. In South Africa we have groups that seem to bow out after one hit. I really would hate to see this happen to the Parlotones. Extraordinary band! Now we move back to our current Idols line up and I’m very impressed with the talent. Will Gareth get it right with his ‘this year belongs to a black artist’ bullshit? I don’t like that kind of talk. Let the winner be the one that has captured the widest spectrum of audience/viewer, call it what you like. There is no doubt in my mind that ALL the black singers are remarkably talented.  But yet I listened to Adeline for the umpteenth time – this time with an excellent pair of headphones and thought she was a definite top three candidate with her rendition of “Purple rain” and I’m not looking at her butt or cleavage!

This week’s theme on SA Idols is Disco.  OMG, are we reviving Disco?  This is my time, my place. Disco was oh so 70’s.

This week Sindi sings “Sweet Dreams” – Ummm  this is going to be good! Not because I like Sindi but because if she does this well she is going to be in the top three. And Beyonce is good for male erectile dysfunction.  But who knows, the voters speak.  Adeline sings “Hush Hush” by the Pussycat Dolls.  Adeline just has to stand on the stage for this song and I’m sure she’ll walk it – according to the testosterone kids, Randall and Gareth.  Boki has selected well again, Justin Timberlake number and Bongi will climb the walls with Kool & The Gang.  Happy birthday buddy, hope you do well – as always.   Elvis, “If I can’t have You” – hey Elvis, Disco is not your beat my man, but again, who knows?  And Pieter West – “Knock on Wood”, Seal cover version. This is going to be interesting.  Lloyd, will rock around the top with a Beatles number “Twist and Shout”.  Tracey – “Murder on the Dance Floor”, Jess – “I don’t feel like Dancing.” 

Based on the song choice I’d like to see Sindi take it. Second choice will be Lloyd because thats a great number he is playing. Third choice goes to Adeline.  I’m basing the top three on my personal music tastes. I hate disco these days.  My current flavours of the month are a little bit of Dylan, lots of U2 and Dire Straits. And of course Kings of Leo.

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