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SA Idols – after round two

Man oh man, oh man. Disco is no longer my scene. Remember the days when all the macho men hit the floor with those cool 70’s style blue movie styled moustaches, gyrating their hips and swaggering all over the place. I loved the music in the 70s and beginning 80s but nowadays I cringe when I hear some of the music. Some of this music threatened my sanity on Sunday evening 12thSeptember.  Yes, I can still listen AND watch Jackson – he was after all the king of pop. But he was an entertainer as well. Most disco divas were not. The Bee Gees were a stunning group and no doubt they deserved to be up there with the best when it came to disco but I don’t remember them for their disco.  Like Elvis Blue. Elvis was a champ on Sunday night. When I originally saw his selection by Yvonne Elleman, ”If I can’t have you” I thought of puking – the guy doesn’t have the disco voice for this I thought. I was wrong, ‘cos he didn’t play it disco style.  Elvis took this song, played to death millions of years ago and stamped it with his own signature. Not the Bee Gees and not Elleman.  Elvis was my man for the show.  

The remaining eight were all very good.  Very good indeed.  Idols material?  I don’t know. When watching the USA Idols I realize that we have a long way to go.  And then I revert to our Idols and realize that possibly we do have that Zing. Record and replay a week later – you’ll see what I mean. Remember Adeline and  ”Purple Rain” . She went up ten points in my book. Bongi, sadly was pointed to the door last week – it may have had to do with the over dramatics. If I look back at all ten I see a lot of talent there. I see the REAL talent in Sindi though. Judge Deadpan voted her in an eon ago and I agree with him. If I had to put my heart elsewhere and vote with my brain I’d like to see Sindi walk this show.  However, Elvis is the guy I vote for – he has the looks, the voice, the talent and don’t fool yourself, the most important thing – the crowd pulling appeal, the money-making appeal which this show is all about. There’s gonna be a lot of mommies rushing out to buy his albums if they aren’t doing so already. This is what this show is all about – making money. But from a teenie bopper viewpoint I think Sindi has the most appeal. And it’s not an appeal which will disappear overnight – we need an artist that will appeal across the entire spectrum of viewer audience in South Africa.  But before I get kicked off my pulpit and called a hypocrite I need to add that Elvis has an ace up his sleeve. Elvis is possibly the first artist we have ever had on this show whom oozes international appeal. I like that.

 In bounces our own idol, Adeline from Cape Town. She has not enigmatically appeared from nowhere. A stunner with a voice. She now has her own congress running from the northern suburbs of Cape Town headed up by none other than Jack Parow.  Popular as Jack is, I certainly hope this doesn’t add bias to our voting choice.  We do need to be looking at an idol here – in my book Adeline is just that.  Thousands of years back we were beaten by our parents never to believe that a beautiful girl could be intelligent or sing. Fortunately we have evolved since then and realized that beautiful people make more money than ugly people.  Maybe that’s why I’m stuck in a rut. Better go to the gym and catch up with Adeline. No, Adeline is gorgeous and will make it to the top five. And hopefully will  never disappear from our sights.

The point of this article sadly is not to point out the winner because I think we have a lot of potential winners here. Poor Jamie Lee seems to be bouncing around like a ship on the great lakes.  I sometimes get the impression that she has already voted herself out.  Beautiful girl, loads of talent and intelligent to boot – ‘ol Jamie just needs start looking hungry for the title. Jess is someone that I’d like to see live. Of course she has the experience. It shows a mile off. I’d like to see Jess sing ‘Ironic’. I don’t put money on Pieter West winning this show but I know I’m going to buy his first album. I like his style of singing. I wish that someone can see the resemblance to Stipe. Is it my imagination. Could he play an R.E.M. number? On Sunday Lloyd played one of my all time greats “Twist and Shout”. He was very good but I think he is going to start showing his inexperience next round.  Boki won’t because he seems to be growing stronger by the second.  Can Boki win the title though?  Ummm, maybe, just maybe. Last Sunday’s appearances were all good although I’m not an avid disco person. My favourites were Elvis, Sindi, Boki and Adeline.  Boki and Adeline are growing with every appearance, testament that they weren’t as polished as some of the others at the auditions but a warning to the other contestants – they will only get better.  I love Sindi to pieces. That little doll, that great big voice and if I thought she had international appeal (at this stage in any event) I would go with her.

Elvis remains my man!

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