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Runaway Jet Engine

Being an avid lover of jet engines and the Darwin Awards I just had to post this snippet on these pages. Four things spring to mind:

  1. The operator has no ear-muffs;
  2. the jet engine is tethered to a pallet;
  3. it’s leaking fuel like a sieve.
  4. They must be Dutch.

3 Replies to “Runaway Jet Engine”

  1. LMFHO, saw this on YouTube a while back, more like Slevs looking at the gear. Think the operator had smoked something beforehand because if ever I have seen someone look so calm, he’s the man. Damn’it – should have fastened the engine to his head.

  2. Fucksakes, this is funny. Talk about controlled substance abuse – I don’t know whether the substance was the kersosene or the crack but one way or the other these turkeys made my day.

  3. Looking at this video reminds me of a psychiatrist friend I had years ago who had many theories and ideas about risk-takes (being one himself) and the reasons why they would take chances that could lead to extreme embarressement and even death. Sigmund Freud believed that dare-devil stunts like this one arise not only from misgiuded and mis-managed curiosity, but also from the human being’s innate death drive! Another theory has to do with our evolution, the survival of the ‘fittest’ (or the one who survived most risks and lived to pass those genes on to their offspring).
    In spite of the fact that we have eliminated almost all factors of physical danger from our daily lives, we still have a strong craving for unneccesary risks. This trait may even be enhanced by the fact that we (with the help of modern social medias) give risk takers like these positive behavioural reinforcement by enjoying and circulating their exploits!
    By taking part in activities in which they can be injured or even killed, and repeatedly surviving such risks unscathed (through their percieved own doing) give these risk takers a sense that they can elude death at will and are…if only momentarily…omnipotent!!

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