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SA Idols: Round number 400 and 45…. the lines are open…

Well I haven’t followed up too much recently – possibly an element of laziness, possibly an element of losing interest. 

I was saddened on Sindi’s leaving last week, much like the loss of Gail. Both eye-candy I suppose. Well now we have Lloyd and Elvis. Elvis is white and sings the blues and Lloyd is black and sings rock. Both exceptional, both great artists. Who is gonna ‘win folks? Gareth said a black artist will win. Maybe he’s right. Lloyd has seldom put a foot wrong and he certainly belongs up top and yes, maybe a winner. Now Elvis is something else – he thanks his fans for the vote. Why do you want to thank your fans for a vote when you deserve to be up there. Let’s think backwards. All of the top ten had votes and cost people money to get them down to the top three.  Elvis is right – thank the fans – he wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t voted for. Over the last four weeks I thought Elvis was losing ground. His last song Sunday night put him back into the top two.  Play it easy Elvis, you got here because you’re a guy playing on the heartstrings of man, woman and beast.  Where’s the Dylan numbers?  Ummm, kids don’t like Dylan unless they’re mature enough to understand the music and sadly most will not because they had to live in the times – ’60’s and 70’s and Nixon and …..  Elvis didn’t – but neither did Lloyd. Peter West didn’t play REM, Elvis didn’t play Norma Jean and Lloyd didn’t play Mammy Blue. All great songs but unfortunately they don’t select music for me but the masses. On that count, music selection Lloyd wins hands down. Appeal? I see real men go weak at the knees when Elvis speaks and sings. Here, Elvis wins hands down. Mark Pilgrim is voting for lloyd. I like Mark, intelligent guy, brave guy and has a huge following. Will his vote count?  I think not. In actual fact Elvis and Lloyd are so different that they should both be declared winners. Alas, it’s not going to happen. Lloyd has a huge following from a diverse culture set, just like Elvis. Looking at the Blogs, Facebook and numerous other social networking services I am pleased to see that there seems to be no racial bias. Yes, the odd one or two but they are imbeciles in any event. And here are my odds:

  • Elvis is very charasmatic 10/10 – so is Lloyd.
  • Lloyd for singing ability 10/10 – Elvis 8/10
  • Elvis for humanity 10/10 – Lloyd 8/10
  • Lloyd thanks his family 6/10 – Elvis thanks his fans 10/10
  • Elvis music selection 6/10 – Lloyd 10/10
  • Looks? I don’t know, I’m a guy. 10/10 for all the chicks except Gail. Gail gets 11/10
  • Elvis gets 10/10 for music ability, Lloyd 10/10 because he is not a professional musician
  • Both are family oriented – 10/10 from mature folk 1/10 for the teens that are looking for a celeb boyfriend.
  • There you have it folks – 10/10 for both Lloyd and Elvis.

Only the votes can tell. I’ll buy their music as long as it’s not crap. Like Anke’s first step into her solo career. Stunning girl, stunning voice and a song destined to be forgotten on it’s release.

Viva Lloyd and Viva Elvis – may the best man win.

As a footnote I must admit I enjoyed the judges – my wife doesn’t but maybe she misses the point. They are not there to discourage talent.  Mara was great in that there is always some sort of conspiracy theory attached to her behaviour but speaks from the heart, Gareth speaks his mind and a lot of truths and Randall doesn’t miss a beat. I can see why they are there and can’t find a reason why they should not be there.

All ten of this year’s finals were better than previous years looking at an average score.  I somehow think that Sindi may become the odds on favourite nationally in the long run. Internationally, from a humility point of view, Elvis, the world beckons.  Vocally Lloyd is champ.

I’m voting Elvis because it comes across very strongly that he doesn’t put himself first. This is a strong quality in our times. This also makes me think about sort of music he’ll write. World famous – I hope so. For Lloyd as well.

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