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Rather overwhelmed by the lack of model kits, spares and accessories through eTailers or shops with web presence in your country? You won’t be the only one. Recently a search for model shops in South Africa brought up surprisingly few businesses with a web presence although they are there – one just needs to hunt. Of course some of them don’t supply prices or give a solid description either which sort of defeats the object – I like to know what I am paying for and whether it’s a market related price. The USA of course has plenty, why nowhere else? Why such a tedious search? Where can one pick up plans for a container ship, a wooden ship, a freighter, a WW1 or WW2 aircraft. Scale your own, build your own.

Model aircraft JetCat engine
JetCat P200SX

Here are some links to websites in South Africa

Hobbies On Line
Hobby Tech
Mad Models
SA Model Railway
The Aviation Shop
The Model Train Shop

Of course there’s plenty more – I’m a lover of jet engines so let’s look for the websites selling engines or giving information:

Troy Built Models
RC Universe

A very good website to bookmark is this one:  RC-Airplanes-Simplified

The RC Airplane link above will take you to their jet engine page. An RC jet engine is not a toy and the website explains as much. I was not aware that the pilot of the RC aircraft may have to be certified but then again it makes total sense. Now I just need to know which stores in South Africa import and sell model aircraft jet engines. They cost as much as a second hand motor-vehicle which already sorts out the men from the boys, in my case I’d like to run one up next to my rowdy neighbour on Saturday afternoons.  He barbecues and plays loud music, I run a jet engine at full throttle.

Head to JetCat USA….

Thinking of building your own multi-stage jet engine…. here is an excellent You Tube video describing the different parts to a J79 jet engine.

Feel free to add your own links here.



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