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Procreation is the Thief of Time

There was a time many years back where we lived in a small town and everyone just simply had a great time – there was drink, food and everyone was merry. We still believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.  We all had girlfriends but couldn’t have sex unless we were married. Our parents did though, often with other married people but that was OK because this was the 60s. Free love and all that stuff.  And they were married after all. In the 70s we suddenly heard of ‘Overpopulation’ and the whole world went into a frenzy and our parents all rushed to the pharmacy and bought contraceptives. My mother showed me booklet on STDs and I decided never to have sex. That was the best contraceptive then – a picture of a guy with syphilis. The evils of women and camels.

In the late 70s and early 80s we suddenly heard that there was famine in Northern Africa and Bangladesh. George Harrison sang some songs for the people in Bangladesh and Bob Geldof sang some songs for the people in Chad. I was saddened by this.  People should have food I thought. In the late 80s and through the 90s we were told that a man had sex with a chimp and contracted AIDs.  He continued to sleep with his wife however and she slept with his friend and AIDs soon became rife all over Africa but I only became really scared when Rock Hudson, Freddie Mercury and Liberace, all very famous suddenly died of AIDs. They were rich but drugs could not help them. Suddenly we had the Millennium Bug, very much like AIDs but people were much more scared because there was a lot of money involved. Fortunately nobody died and we turned to Green Power. Green Power is also very much like AIDs because this has all the big boyz moving for their lives.  Very fast.  There’s lots of money to be made here folks!  The world is running out of electricity and the ozone is turning into mush. The sun is turning us into raisins.  We are dying of cancer because the sun is giving us melanoma and cigarette smoking in public places is banned. Cigarette smoking is bad for us we are told. Motor cars are hybrid devices running on fossil fuels and electricity. We are running scared but we are not running that fast because we have all become fat.  Nuclear power stations are dangerous things we are told. So we turn to hydro electricity but there is no water. There is drought and governments haven’t a backup plan. Electricity prices soar because we are told it was too cheap to start of with. What is wrong with this story?

Nothing, except for the overpopulation problem, which now no longer is a problem I believe.  We had trees but they are gone. We had water and now we have none. We had frogs but now they are gone. We had chameleons but now they are gone. We had electricity but that too is gone.  Our solution is to hike the prices because that will make people think twice about smoking, drinking , having electricity and washing. There seems to be a connection somewhere and I’m hoping that some bright owl will tell me that we need to stop fornicating. Procreation is a beautiful thing if done in moderation like smoking,  drinking, using electricity and water.  Do we get taxed on screwing? Do we get taxed on the amount of babies we have?  Nada, zero, zilch. The Chinese have it right.  Control the urge or take the snip, possibly the kindest cut.

Worldwide we see hundreds of thousands of children been abused in one way or the other.   But we continue having children – not because we want to, because we can.  I no longer hear the cry from the 70s. I no longer hear the cries from governemnt about the dangers of overpopulation.

Tell me just one thing, who is doing the maths?  The iPod, Windows, Google, plasma and LCD monitors don’t rectify the solution. People can’t get jobs anymore because there aren’t any more jobs.  How does a government create jobs when the reality is that the market is already saturated and unions run the government or government don’t have a plan like most of them do. How does a government create jobs when 70% of the third world population are so uneducated that they can hardly string a sentence together. What to do when drugs are the primary source of income for school leavers?

I think we should look at Asia for the solution to this. Mebbe, just mebbe we should stop messing around and sort this problem out. 

2 Replies to “Procreation is the Thief of Time”

  1. Dear author

    A good article! The increase of the world is certainly alarming. No doubt in the seventies this was a main issue. Nowadays it is praised to have babies on a later age…In 2050 world population has risen to 9 milliard..
    People don’t need answers I guess. That is the error of popular science. There are answers enough, and we are saturated with them, encyclopedias are full of it. Why do you need a complete crossword-puzzle? No fun at all. A blanc crossword-puzzle, now that is fun. Do not be a professor, but play it! Keeps the pleasure in life. Everything is interesting, just dive in it.
    Our generation will not deal with this issue of overpopulation, so sorry to say but our next generation will.
    We keep growing, economically and numerically. However the globe remains as it is, but will shrink in a sort of way. This due to the raw materials we excavate. Million, trillion oil we have already used to make one single care drive. While these are raw materials we could have used forever to produce plastic, clothing, houses etc. All just stoked away in an instant already..
    Guess we rob the earth. We can’t live without war or religion. What is this human actually?
    We rob the earth and nothing comes in return. We call this civilisation? We were supposed to take care of it. We also think we are on top of the food-chain, but yet are incapable of catching a rabbit with our bare hands.
    People with power and money are just those who will go over dead bodies to get it, but yet shall never use one of them for progress, they rather collect it to have more of it untill their last breath.
    Let wisdom say the one thing..but nature will always say the other…

    1. Good reply there Ma’am! Much appreciated. Yes, unfortunately in my view we are here to only becomes architects of our own demise as we are carrying on. It’s sad to think that all those millions ploughed into making cars greener than a tree are in fact just another way for manufacturers to generate more wealth. Why develop an electric car that has to be charged through a coal burning alternator. I’m thinking about buying a horse. But alas! There’s no grass. Keep up the good work!

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