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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for Analog Ian is simple:

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

No racial undertones.  This website is for folk interested in electronics, be it analog (preferably) or digital.  The one can feed from the other – we do not live in an analog universe today.

Sometimes we don’t have our facts straight. Be polite. It’s a known fact that we tend to read only one sentence or one paragraph and draw our conclusion from this snippet. Electronics is not as simple as this.  Electronic engineers tend to be snappy and logical – it comes with the territory.  Be patient.

Sometimes we at Analog Ian don’t get it right. Help us. We’re only human.

Try not to troll.  We understand it’s a habit and you like to hurt other people’s feelings.  Not all of us are nice, some are just plain arseholes.  We try to understand you but know that you are either an inmate at a psycho den or a retard rehab. We do understand this.

Swearing and blowing out on this website is deemed inappropriate. Rather dazzle us with your brilliance.

Sticks and Stones.  Try not to harm us – help us. There are plenty of websites out there run on infinite sums of money and hugely competent and talented people. We can always use your help.

Many of the hopeful readers of these articles are people with limited funds. We were also all students once. I am not talking about handouts. Try to help where you can and keep our readers informed.

Any material on this website you deem to be inappropriate or an infringement of copyright should be reported to the webmaster as soon as possible. This would be the webmaster@domain mailing address.

Thank you for reading this.  Enjoy!


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