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Although Parts-Ring was borne in August 2009 the idea goes back two decades. Imagine a world where a good, reliable service could be obtained by just phoning one number? Is this really possible? In reality, no. There are two many fly-by-night operatives running by the seat of their pants and the greed to make money. Real business is all about relationships and soft skills. I am sure that everyone has been ripped off at some stage or other, whether it be a financial institution offering a loan with hidden small print or an electrician taking short cuts. Builders are often the worst offenders but dfon’t be fooled – every industry has one. Coming from the computer industry it’s no myth that where there is no benchmark there is no ethics. 

Parts-Ring welcomes our readers to add their list of services by becoming a subscriber, by adding your service – all for free.  Companies wishing to contact us can do so via our list of contacts to advertise. Users wishing to become subscribers to add their services can do so via the Parts-Ring services module (users must register). Do read site information to get more details about your privace – we encourage subscribers to be ethical and add their company details in full after all how can viewers find out where you operate from by only adding your cell number.

Yes there are going to be teething problems like any software application – users are encouraged to contact us through the webmaster – we want to make this site one of interest.

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