Online Parts International

OPiC – Online Parts International catalogue

Parts-ring has a new module attached called OPiC. The intention here is for all users to register, add their business, add manufacturer contact details, post a request, list goods to buy, sell and exchange. You can add diagrams and an abbreviated catalogue of your own. Try it out and see. The writers are currently putting in a social network connection for Facebook as well as it’s own content managed system social networking module, Community Builder.  The OPiC System –

OPiC System

With the current market for new products being as bad as it is we feel that it’s time to have a website promoting second hand products. As a reader you may be compelled to ask yourself why this would be – there’s plenty already on the web. True, but most of them seem to be directed to a specific product or products, brands and can cost a lot to advertise as well.  The OPiC system is raw, we know that, however in time we are hoping to add a more sophisticated exchange process and one which communicates via your own feeds.

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