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The Non-Centralization of a Global Parts Network

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Although finding replacement parts, spares and components for any level of industry has never been simpler it has also become more time consuming to sift through the tons of data available on the internet. What has become very obvious over the last two decades is that barriers to purchasing products through brick and mortar companies relative only to distribution or retail is a diminishing trend – end users are often professional people not wanting to restrict themselves to only one industry and no longer want to pay possibly exorbitant prices instigated by the multitude of middle men in the supply chain. eBay is a case in point where often the manufacturer sells directly to the public, the downfall being returns and criminal intent.

Global Parts
A General Electric J85-GE-17A turbojet engine (1970) – source Sanjay Acharya

Online Parts International is a Global Parts Network, a portal to the sourcing of parts through a repository of manufacturer, distributor and retail links, catalogs and technical papers. The OPiC system or Online Parts International Catalog will list all companies registering and will mail you updates to the parts listing if you require.

The sourcing of Global Parts – fact is you are vulnerable

Many years back most countries had restrictions on their imports which lead to strict measures in place for compliance and user safety. Modern times has lead to drastic measures and often national (or local) regulations are put in place for consumer protection. This does not cover your overseas purchases though, the buyer is just not protected. Education is key but usually potential buyers are only protected through the payments gateway for a period of thirty days. Asian imports have become a fundamental part to our purchasing pattern for both small and big business. In the electronic industry counterfeiting is rife and large scale manufacturers have to be cautious of the quality of their components and how faulty components are discarded, likewise buyers must understand the risk of either buying cheap or through an unknown source. This however is not entirely a bleak picture, it has always been a trend where competition is high and in electronics this is huge.

Global Parts for Rebadged Kit

A trend which is just as popular as many years back is re-badging. This often makes it difficult for the end-user to source parts for a product which in fact is manufactured by company A, usually the OEM but sold under a different brand. Most professional television or audio system repair companies quickly found out who was making what but for the home repair person this has now become more difficult than ever. Computer power supplies are now a case in point. How many other companies are manufacturing products which gets re-badged and sold under a different name? Likewise television displays. The auto industry is a dance. There is a company locally distributing Toyota 1.4l engines for 700U$. Are these genuine Toyota engines? There are huge difference in prices between car engine and motorcycle engine parts (ditto marine) but are there some parts which are interchangeable? According to a colleague this will be found with big bore machines e.g. pistons and rings.

Global Parts for Restoration

Unless you are Jay Leno most people trying to restore old vehicles or anything with electronic, electrical or mechanical parts will not know where to source a replacement without manufacturer intervention (if they haven’t closed their doors). For many, joining a community forum is of great assistance. I knew an old guy once, ex-Leyland and he was a walking forum. He knew every part of a Leyland product manufactured from 1960 until 1975. Those guys are now few and far between. The gems on the internet are the older, experienced souls whom offer, more often than not free advice. Free exceptional advice. For many it’s a passion – they may not be super wealthy but guaranteed in years gone by they will be sorely missed. Their knowledge is measured in the billions. Parts-Ring is dedicated to those people. Parts-Ring is about bringing people together with like-minded interests in the mechanical and electrical world. Finding parts for long obsolete products, finding parts for a project, finding parts for restoration and finding parts just to sell on.

Social Media

Whether you are on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Google or any other social media platform do register with us and advertise. In many countries there is a serious lack of professional people, lawyers, CAs and doctors. This can be easily rectified. You can never ‘buy’ experience. Modern times has changed our outlook on human values and priorities and it’s always an inspiration to come across a web site dedicated to assist others and often at their own expense, relay projects and knowledge to the rest of the world. This does not always come from big business although TI is a firm favorite (of ours), this comes from the scientific minded experimenter and enthusiast.

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Note: Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers are welcome to mail us their inventory preferably in cvs or dbf – this will be loaded into our database with your company details next to each SKU or component listing. Your company details will be registered with us. Ensure that the company name corresponds to the area or city – e.g. Smith’s Electronics – Norfolk – Virginia. (and not England). Contact us via – once we have the format it gets uploaded with date and contact email. Once we have the products listing you will need to update it yourself thereafter. Just another way to get a Global Parts network out there…. Keep your inventory under 1MB or blocks of 1MB please.

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