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New IC Engine Technology

New IC Engine Technology – old designs

New IC Engine Technology – basis of new thinking on old concepts

The engineer in all of us is aware of the inefficiencies even of modern internal combustion engines. The old steam engine, which is an external combustion engine was inefficient but as time has moved on so has our thinking. See Cyclone – a much talked about modified Rankin Cycle steam engine.

New IC Engine Technology
Junkers Jumo 205 – source Kogo / Wiki Commons




The diesel engine follows a very old concept but one which is showing radical changes to the master plan of yesteryear. turbocharged and race tuned was unthinkable thirty years back but no longer. The question is and one which is the focus of this article, how are other companies looking at alternative but highly efficient prime movers?  The one engine which caught my attention was the OPOC motor – the Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder engine.  If it catches the attention of one of our chief architects in modern society, Bill Gates, it should catch all of our attention. The OPOC motor or the concept is by no means new as can be read under Wiki’s opposed piston engine.

The OPOC motor may not be entirely new because there are some vague simularities with previous designs but the differences are obvious. Read more about OPOC at Detroit right here.

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