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New Forum for your complaints!

We would really like all travellers to our destination to register and post their comments. We have split the forums into the main theme of our website, namely the categories that we feel most people are interested in – engineering and technology and of course, how about a complaints section. Go here to lodge your complaint, come on, we all like to complain!

This website suffers from lack of backlinks – but we do promise a different approach, that of getting more like-minded people involved.  Popular Mechanics does not suffer from lack of viewership, yet we are targeting the same people although the scope of finance is a problem at this stage, maybe the interest as well 😳 .

I would like to see newer and, yes, developing companies advertising here – more, so to speak, grass roots level engineering companies currently being absorbed into the global market – there are thousands.

Hands up for the BRIC countries, a possible change in the way we do things and more so, green power development.

Kind regards
Web Team

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