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Company/Business Mr.Valve
Business Type Reseller
Category/Genre Electronics – Thermionic Tubes – Valves
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Core Business Reseller Thermionic Tubes – Sockets – Transformers
Address 1 *See Website for details
Address 2
Suburb Wonderboom
Town/City Pretoria
Region Gauteng
Country South Africa
Zip/Postal Code 2000
Telephone 082 889 0802

Mr Valve …..
is a home based company that specialize in –

Hard to find valves and brands such as Philips, Mullard, General Electric, National, etc.
“Modern” tubes like, Electro Harmonix, JJ, etc.
Hammond Transformers
Porcelain, micalex and belton sockets
Capacitors: Mica, etc

All of the valves sold, new or NOS, are tested for emissions and defects with a AVO 163 Valve Tester.

All shipping is done via Fastway Couriers or the Post Office Speed Services. We also do international shipping via the South African Post Office.

We supply over 3000 different vacuum tube types, transformers, capacitors and sockets. Our inventory of vacuum tubes and radio tubes are all NOS / NIB and new production and are able to satisfy most tube needs.

If we haven’t got what you need, we will try and find it!

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