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Motoring under a Full Moon


    3 thoughts on “Motoring under a Full Moon”

    1. gravestones says:

      Never heard of that before, but thanks for opening up my eyes.

    2. Jared Kinzig says:

      I am usually not one to submit my opinion on people’s blog posts, but for this article I just had to do it. I have been digging in your site a lot recently and I am super impressed, I think you could really emerge as one of the main opinions for your niche. Not sure what your load is like in life, but if you began commiting more time to writing here, I would guess you would begin getting a lot of visitors soon. With advertisements, it might emerge as a sweet passive income stream. Just something to think about. Good luck!

    3. Ian says:

      Thanks guys – I appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately I do hold a steady job so I try to get things done over week-ends between cold Amstels, rugby, football, chopping fingers off while doing woodwork for the wife etc. Actually, no – it’s not that bad :-).
      I will try to get my hands on the keyboard more often though, thanks again.

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