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Motorcycle Gear - proper riding clobber for the motorcyclist is a must

Motorcycle Gear – not only for Touring

Motorcycle Gear – Expensive riding clobber is not a luxury item.

Although we search for the cheapest mode of transport for our kids all in the name of making them independent, parents have taken a frighteningly lax attitude when it comes to safety gear. No matter whether it’s a scooter or a moped; shorts, short sleeved shirts or T-shirts and sandals is really taking a big chance when out gallivanting with your friends or riding solo.

Motorcycle Gear - proper riding clobber for the motorcyclist is a must
Motorcycle spill – with the proper gear (source Franc)

Motorcycle Gear – know your leathers

Ten times out of ten a motorcyclist is going to fall sometime, whether deliberate, oil slick, poor riding habits or an obstacle, putting the bike down quickly and without control is going to cause some pain to yourself and your bike. Right now there is a dangerous tendency for parents to worry more about the cost of the bike than the gear worn. Before buying any bike make sure you can afford the gear – riding boots is not a luxury item, it can save your foot or lower leg, likewise those that ride as if they are on the beach. I have personally been overtaken by a mad man doing at least 120 m.p.h. coming around a gentle curve, the rider wearing nothing more than a a T-shirt, slops and short pants. I know somebody who was driving not more than 40 mph, hit a ditch, lost a knee cap and ended up nearly losing an arm if it wasn’t for the paramedics. Just imagine that beautiful daughter of yours in that predicament?

Parents are really showing no interest. Riding two up on a small capacity machine without proper riding gear is just looking for trouble. Yes, we have all done it. Ask any motorcyclist whether they have ever had a fall. The answer won’t be surprising based on the contents of this article.

Please, please ensure your child arrives home in the same condition they left.

(Suppliers please list your company details and add to this article. This dangerous practice has to be stopped now!)

[Editor’s Note: We were requested to place this article after one of our readers came across an accident where a young girl lost control of her scooter and fell on the tarmac. She ended up with serious burn marks, cuts and bruises.  Halternecks and short pants may look cool on the beach but not out riding. Wear proper motorcycle gear to go riding].


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