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Mistakes people make!

I was recently requested to screen prospects for a vacancy in a company looking at hiring suitably qualified receptionists. An advertisement was run through electronic media and I was totally overwhelmed by the response. Not by the quantity but by the quality. 90% of the wannabe’s did not read the ad properly so disqualified themselves immediately but what was worrying was the amount of response carrying pictures of these young females applying for work. The amount of people that attach their driver’s licence and personal identification to their curriculum vitae is frightening. Girls, this is a very, very dangerous practice. The companies allowing this free form of advertising distance themselves from this practice and openly discourage it in the form of warnings on every page. But alas, we still go ahead.  I know that most people looking for work are cash-strapped already but there should be some sort of control.  I think in such cases moderation is justified and should be mandated.

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  1. Thank you Sonya. I wrote this post after finding that more than half of 67 CVs received had photos of the applicants plus their ID information. Most of these young females were not even sure as to where they were applying for work. Now that is frightening. I think the school education system needs to look into this dangerous practice before we have a tragedy on our hands. (most of the CVs were from school-leavers between the ages of 18 and 21). The ID document and photo is definitely not required by any legitimate company to screen likely applicants for first round interviews.

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